Giant Machines 2017

Giant Machines 2017

Manage huge cars - this is the basis for the task of such an exciting simulator. Crushing machines, bulldozers, high cranes - such enormous mahuina you should like a player learn how to use in the game. Destroying the buildings, you can earn a good bonus glasses in this simulator of cars. Download Giant Machines 2017 Through torrent you can easily and simply from our game site.


The scene line of this simulator begins with your choice.

New, Simulators, Racing

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Test Drive Anliam 2

Test Drive Anliand 2

Gaming project test drive Anliand 2 is designed for a multiplayer audience, and, as you already understood, is a continuation of a cult racing simulator. Eden Games game development and creation. This time, your main character will act on the island of Ibiza, where more than two thousand kilometers are prepared for you, which are necessarily for use in racing. Those who dream of seeking to try their strength in stunning exciting high-speed races, just obliged to download the test drive anliand 2 through torrent on our game portal and proceed to passage.

Cooperative for Weak PC, Racing, For Weak PCs

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Control Repack

Control Repack

Nowadays, find the game in the genre of adventure from a third party to find quite difficult. More precisely, there are many such games, but truly good units, and one of these games can be easily counted the control of the Control, which was released by Remedy Entertainment. The company has many interesting works, so the game is not done by some basic company, but the most real professional team that this company was able to collect.

Action, Adventure, 2020

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Stalker Clean Sky From

Stalker Clean Sky from

The next part of the game of adventures of the free arrow turned out even more dynamic. You again take a weapon again, and begin to explore a new abnormal Chernobyl territory. Now you should be a real savior, because other players who fall into the exclusion zone are waiting for your help. Only now you will need to look for not only valuable artifacts on hidden locations, but also to look for other stalkers who got into trouble.

Action, Shooters, RPG

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Rune 2

Rune 2

Meet the continuation of the adventure role-playing game about the adventures of the famous Scandinavian Warrior, who in the last version of the game entered the fight with the gods themselves. He realized that the world is in danger, therefore, using the help of the mythical beings and other gods, he was able to deal with enemies, using not only weapons, his physical skills, but also magic and magic.

Open world, Action, 2019, RPG, Adventure

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Dead Space 2

Dead Space 2

Dead Space 2 is a horror shooter who continues the exciting, fascinating history of Isaac Clark - an engineer forgotten in the "Dead Space". In the plot, now three years have passed after all those horrors of the first part. This time you will be transferred to a tightly populated space station-megapolis "Cutting", located on the fault of the titanium. The main character - Isaac Clark, lies in one of the chambers of the psychiatric clinic, thinking that all nightmares are over.

Cooperative for Weak PC, Shooters, Survival, Horror, Action

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Sunless Sea

Sunless Sea

Your close attention is offered a unique game project, where you as a player must manage an unusual ship, which furrows the unusual seas and oceans that make a lot of secrets and mysteries. The developers have created an unusual adventure game, saturating it with real horror. Download Sunless Sea via torrent can be directly from our new game site.


You go to an unusual journey. You take on the role of a ship's navigator, which should perform a variety of quests in an unusual sea.

Survival, Horror, RPG, Adventure, Survival for Weak PC

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Test Drive Unlimited Reincarnation

Test Drive Unlimited Reincarnation

Before you, a worked addition to a famous series of racing simulators, where you now have to see about two hundred new cars, each of which has its own specific technical parameters and characteristics. More trails you have to go. Developers introduced a multiplayer mode in the game, so now you can arrange real racing competitions on cars of different models. In the game Test Drive Unlimited Reincarnation Mod, download torrent which is possible for free on our gameser, you can pass the tracks on one island of the archipelago.

Racing, For Weak PC

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Frozenheim - Legend of Vikings. Your homeland is fragmented by a bloody dispute. You are expelled from the ancestors of the earth. You are doomed to wander in search of a new home with like-minded people. Winter is coming. The last hope of your clan is you. Build a settlement is not easy, but to protect people from cold, drought and bloodthirsty opponents are even more difficult. Can you become a row, which is under rule to write your own legend about conquest and victories?

New, Strategies, 2021

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Hotline Miami Of

Hotline Miami of

It is pretty unusual bloody arcade shooter, where there will be a sea of ​​blood and dangerous events. In the plot you will get into the fictional and unusual hot American state of the eighties of the last century. In this version, you will be a cruel killer who is guided by car movements that come to his ph1. First, you must realize that you will be cruel to kill and crash all characters. But why will you do it - this is another question, the answer to which you can find, having passed all the game missions of this amazing game Hotline Miami, download torrent of the of which you can easily be able to with our updated gaming server.

Indie, Arcade

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Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

The fourth part of the series "Call of Duty" is somewhat moving away from its traditions and transfers players from the Second World War in modern times, but no less cruel. To find out all more details, you need Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare download torrent. So, you get at the beginning of the 21st century. A certain terrorist named Imran Zakhaev suffers from nostalgia at the time of the USSR and dreams of overthrowing democracy in Russia.

For Weak PC

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Little Nightmares Secrets Of The Maw

Little Nightmares Secrets of the MAW

Color about the game

Already known to many gamers a series of games that can be attributed to the adventure genre with expressive shades of Horror and Stels. After his debut appearance for the wide masses of users - the game received many positive feedback from both the gamers themselves and the Matte experts and merciless critics. The main distinguishing feature of this game is a superbly transmitted atmosphere in which everyone who has decided to participate in the presented storyline.

Adventures, New, Horror, Platformers

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Airport Ceo

Airport CEO

Airport Seo is a stunning computer game from Apoapsis Studios studio developers. Here you need to take on the role of the Director General of its own airport. You must build infrastructure throughout the airport: ranging from runway, taxi tracks, gates, asphalt, and ending with the construction of terminals with registration, guard, restaurants and shops. You need to manage the airport business prospect, hire employees and managers, make transactions with airlines and ensure that all the ends match, following the budget and resources.

Indie, Simulators

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Hitchhiker A Mystery Game

Hitchhiker a Mystery Game

Hitchhiker And Mystery Game is a game, which takes place on the desert highway, where you have to open the secrets of your past. You are assigned the role of enthusiast, lost memory and the main goal of your trip. You must catch passing cars passing, overcome strange and beautiful landscapes to investigate the mysterious disappearance of your beloved person. Among the drivers, a variety of people - from avid farmers to returned waiters - and everyone has interesting stories that you can share with you.

Indie, New, Adventure, 2021, Logical, Puzzle

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Stalker At The Crossroads

Stalker at the crossroads

The gaming industry is constantly happy with its projects. They regularly replenish and improve due to the efforts of numerous developers. Stalker at the crossroads is a storytelling modification that was created by fans of the franchise "Call of Pripyat". In addition to the updated history, the project will receive a new location. You can visit the strange and valuable swamp to find different items as well as weapons.

Action, Shooters, 2018, First-person Shooters

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Shantae And The Seven Sirens


SHANTAE AND THE SEVEN SIRENS SHANTE Returns to a new tropical adventure! In the fifth trip, the heroine with medium energy gets a new synthetic spell to explore a huge submerged city, to make new friends and fight with family sirens in the most amazing adventure! With many cities and more than ever, with many labyrinths, full dangers and discoveries, you will have a stunning underwater trip! Try to collect cards over time.

Adventures, Arcade, 2020, Platformers

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Richard Burns Rally

Richard Burns Rally

Richard Burns Rally is the first rally game in which I played in which I really learned and was able to apply what I learned driving my car in real life. If you really want to understand why this rally game differs from others and outstanding from the point of view of simulation, there is simply no other way except to go to the technical details. And if you are really a fan of simulators, you probably do not consider physics with a boring nonsense reserved for insane scientists.

Simulators, Racing, Sports, For Very Weak PC

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God Eater 3

God Eater 3

God Eater 3 is the continuation of famous cult gaming projects God Eater and God Eater 2: Rage Burst. It is worth noting that the third part of the action-RPG epic announced quite modestly: on the seventh anniversary of the release of the first god eater, the talented company Bandai Namco has released a teaser tricvel. Therefore, we advise you not to waste time, and right now decided God Eater 3 download torrent on our game storage.

Action, New, 2018, RPG, Adventure

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Shahank 2

Shahank 2

The Shank 2 project is a shooter in which players will have to control the hero, which was a killer working on the mafia. He will again need to return to the work of the killer to protect not only his relatives, but also close people. In order to fight with enemies, you need to get your arsenal from cold weapons, automata, guns and other things. In this part of the game, not only combat was improved, but also a graphic component, which will allow players to maximize the effects, as well as explosions.

Arcade, 2021, Platformers, For Weak PC

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Mass Effect 1

Mass Effect 1

We present you the legendary role game from the developers of BioWare, which is called Mass Effect. In this project, you immerse yourself in a truly exciting world of cosmic adventure. All events in the game are unfolded in the distant future. At this time, the universe rules the interracial alliance, which manages the so-called "Citadel Council". In this alliance, mankind is not at first positions.


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Spellforce 3 Soul Harvest


SPELLFORCE 3 SOUL HARVEST is a new independent addition for SpellForce 3. It was released in 2019. All the fans of the game were waiting for him with impatience and finally waited for his exit. Today we can imagine it and you have the option SPELLFORCE 3 Soul Harvest download torrent for free by button below. A new supplement will open you access to new races, but of course Soul Harvest is not limited to this, let's in order.

New, Strategy, 2019, RPG

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Insomnia The Ark

Insomnia The Ark

Futuristic role-playing games always attracted not ababa what users' attention. This time the fans of the game of this genre will be able to enjoy a little gloomy, but very exciting game, which recently presented the developers. Graphics resembles something punk style, so users need to download Insomnia The Ark through the torrent to then rate the gameplay.


The developers called such a tactical role-playing game, so the focus and emphasis in the game is on tactics.

Action, RPG

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Far Fari Far From

Headlights edge 4 from

Travels continue in such an unusual role-playing game with adventure genre. What is this country, with an unimaginable name - Kirat? This is a mountainous state where the next bloody game mission will unfold. Only now you will become an unusual hero that will absorb the energy of the mountains - and such energy will allow your player to find and successfully pass all the game assignments of the intrigue is present, now let's deal with the most scene line.

Action, Open World

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The Guild 3


A completely new version of the computer game is provided to your attention, in the genre of an economic simulator, which is called "The Guild 3". The presented computer video game is a continuation of the popular and has already managed to become the legendary series of The Guild Games about the powerful European dynasty. The developer is a well-known company Golemlabs Studio.

Plot games

As before, all actions in the game are unfolded during the Middle Ages, in one of the classic medieval cities.

RPG, Strategies, Simulators, Survival for Weak PC

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Skyhill Black Mist

Skyhill Black Mist

Skyhill Black Mist - role-playing game from the Skyhill series. At the very beginning you wake up in a huge residential complex, which built Skyhill Inc Corporation. Skyhill Inc is a biotechnology corporation that controls everything in the city and monitors every resident. In the plot you are an employee of this corporation. And you wake up in your apartment that your employer issued you. You have just moved and it would seem that a new life began, but it was not there.

Action, New, RPG, 2020

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