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2Dark Long time lovers of computer games did not indulge in projects that may truly scare. Of course, the horrorists went out, of course, but the product, which will be more likely to go - is not just a horror, but a whole film of horror with elements of a militant and a carefully thought out plot. All this is a 2DARK game, download torrent which courses can at least, using our portal for this. Players will be able to plunge into the gloomy, terrible, and sometimes a very terrible atmosphere, but with the good goal - to save children from unbalanced guys.

Despite the genre of the game, the plot is thought out very well, and gamers will be able to live with their character to live a whole segment of his life. This product is poor to positive moments, but is a find for those who like tension and action that do not allow for a second to relax. The main feature of this product is not even the Gorror genre itself, but the storyline. First, the actions unfold in the nearby past, when the main character comes home, and sees that his wife is killed, and children are stolen. From now on, he starts very long, full of dangers of the way to find his children, as well as save as much as possible kids from psychopaths and such personalities. Players can help the character in such a difficult case. To do this, only the game 2Dark download via torrent through our resource, and will go to the extermination of bad guys. Next, the events will unfold after seventeen years, these days. All these long years, the main character spent on the search for his children, and the salvation of other kids. Fearless character knows that close to the rayster, so descends into dark catacombs, where, as he is sure, will find answers to all questions. A terrible and dark atmosphere will constantly chase players, because the candle will give a very weak light. In the course of the case, gamers will save children and fight with various beings, which prepared for the bottom of the underground world. Go to this journey costs already trained to the game whales, because constant darkness and horror are able to withstand not all. But the most courageous and desperate players can download 2DARK through torrent and through our site, and show the bloodthirsty monsters who are the main. Games will be provided with weapons, but since the cartridges will be a limited number, sometimes they will have to defend themselves with remedies, which can be found as you can move on catacombs, so attentiveness - one more deposit to success.

Features 2Dark

  • Compatibility of absolutely different genres. Developers in this regard really made a big step forward and stuffed the game to everyone than you can and the main thing that looks like it is very organic. To genres placed in this product, you can attribute horror, psychological thriller, a fighter, and even drama.
  • Good storyline. Even today an interesting plot is found not often. The main task of the hero is to find their children and take them away from the bloodthirsty monsters, but along the way there will be many secrets and unexpected turns, which will sometimes confuse the players, and in the end will show not very pleasant, but an interesting story will show.
  • Innovative technologies in graphical terms. Initially, it may seem that the graphics are done weakly, since the constant atmosphere is darkness and darkness. But, in fact, it must be done high quality, so the developers used modern 2D technology. This allows you to scare players not only atmosphere, but also the clarity of mutants living under the ground.
  • A large number of levels. There are eight of them in total and two additional. In fact, the salvation of children and the extermination of zombies will not be limited. Developers made their game as interesting as possible and varied, so in the course of the case there will be various tasks.

Year: 2016
Developer: Gloomywood
Crack: Included (MEX)
Download Size: 0.389 GB

  • OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
  • CPU: Intel Core i3-530, 2.93 Ghz
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Video: NVIDIA GeForce GT 9800 / ATI Radeon HD 4870
  • Space: 1 GB

2Dark Screenshots:

2dark screenshot 2dark screenshot 2dark screenshot 2dark screenshot 2dark screenshot 2dark screenshot

Quests, Action, New, Survival

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