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Across the Obelisk

Across the Obelisk - Tactical Strategy. You can play alone or with up to three other players. Each of you will be guided in battle by a hero, but you must all work together and decide what is best for the group ... You help the peasants against a group of small fire demons or search for good prey in the Ashes? In general, the game is not that difficult and offers only the simplest mechanics. You explore a variety of locations, complete the quests you find most interesting, pump warriors into your gear, search for treasure, and more.

There's nothing fundamentally complicated about it, but the game itself seems so intense that it's hard to imagine. Across the Obelisk download torrent version you can free on the buttons below.

Choose one of the 12 drop down characters and create a party. Each has its own maps, objects, mechanics, stats, and strengths ... Isn't it the same as playing with a fire wizard or a shadow wizard, playing with two healers or preferring to play with a damage-oriented group? You have a whole host of fighters at your disposal and you can take the units that will prove most useful to you. In total in the game at the moment, if you download through the torrent Obelisk, we have almost two dozen characters, and each has its own unique weaknesses and strengths. In addition, you decide who will take the device and what to sharpen it for. You can create a team of mages and healers, or you can hone your team while attacking and dealing damage, while being accompanied only by strong warriors.In the meantime, hurry up and download Across the Obelisk. With over 500 enhanced maps and 200 items to choose from, you can customize your heroes with different designs: toxins, bleed, defense skills ... There are many combinations you can use for each hero. Not only do the heroes include great and powerful warriors, but also Wizards and dark personalities. They will guide you, develop your skills and do their best to achieve a good result. Just be careful and try to make good use of every opportunity to achieve a good result. Remember that fighting games are presented as turn-based, and the only way to win is through tactics and combined use of skills.

It is a multiplayer game with up to 3 players. This allows you to create a strong and reliable team, develop tactics that work precisely and do not stop for a minute before adventures. In card games the main role is pacca. You can create them yourself by combining options, as it offers more than 500 kinds. There is also a craft system suitable for creating new weapons or equipment. Every game is different. Choose a path, walk through it, do tasks, and the world will develop before your eyes. On the other side of the Obelisk you will find a lot of hidden places and secrets to unravel.

Features of Across the Obelisk

  • Dynamic RPG Roguelite add-on
  • Play alone or with three friends
  • 16 drop down characters to customize your party
  • + 500 maps and destinations to choose from, create and upgrade
  • System set up for high replayability
  • Events and challenges in which personal choices affect the development of the story
  • Fight powerful bosses in tactical combat

Year: 2021
Developer: Dreamsite Games
Publisher: Paradox Arc
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 0.689 Gb

  • OSYou'll be able to play on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, 11
  • CPU: 2GHz
  • Memory: 2GB
  • Video: 1GB, OpenGL 3.0+
  • Space: 1 Gb

Across the Obelisk screenshots:

Across the Obelisk screenshot Across the Obelisk screenshot Across the Obelisk screenshot Across the Obelisk screenshot Across the Obelisk screenshot Across the Obelisk screenshot

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