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AFRO SAMURAI 2 Continuation of an extraordinary, colorful computer game, implemented in the genre of arcade action, real-time fighting, for which the alternative setting of Japanese history is used - samurai, plush bears and modern realities. It is important to note that over the development of this toy worked, do not regret your own effort, and time, developers from the studio Redacted Studios. Therefore, if you want to play a funny arcade "fight", fight with fictional opponents in this bloody bevel, then recommend AFRO SAMURAI 2, to download torrent which is possible without problems using the services of our site.

And now let's discuss the features of this arcade, lay out the fundamental basics of the game, and get acquainted with her closer.First, the graphics changed significantly in the toy. Compared to the original, it has become a bit more realistic, but, however, the animated parts are still a lot. Improved leveling levels, locations have become much larger than in the first part, as well as the types of opponents. It is important to notice that our main character - "Afrosuray" has changed significantly. Now he went along the path of revenge, and reincarnated with the "Plush head" Kuma - his friend of childhood. Therefore, if you want to try out all the innovations of this absurd gaming world, then we strongly recommend Download AFRO SAMURAI 2, through torrent for which you can use the resources of our site, which is not at all difficult, and even green igromean can cope with it. Secondly, gameplay. Game became where "tougher" than was at the beginning. It is worth noting that the number of combinations increased, thanks to which you can accumulate "Combo" glasses. When accumulating the "Combo" scale, access to the "execution" - especially the bloody murder of the enemy. It is important to note the fact that our hero can now use three-style attacks at once - Kuma, Afrosuray, and the master, each of which has its own skills, animation of shocks, and so on. Plot, the game describes the tragic events - Afrosuray sees that all his acquaintances, and the family killed. Also, he was pierced by arrows. But the spirit of revenge in it turned out to be stronger than death, which made him be reborn, rebel from the ashes. Therefore, if you want to go through the way afosmuray, evaluate all the features of the sequel, then recommend AFRO SAMURAI 2, download via torrent for what you can use the resources of our site.


• Improved visualization. The game world has become a bit more realistic, the truth in it also happens. For example, in the classic Japanese "hub" you have to fight with samurai, under the accompaniment of DJ, whose equipment will also be on location. In addition, many new characters appeared, the species of opponents with whom you have to fight in unequal battle.• Updated game. The character received many new beat combinations, and besides - it can apply new battle styles to fight with numerous opponents. But, unfortunately, the level of intelligence of opponents is still as low. • Arcade Fighting. You do not need to memorize all the combinations of shocks, or possess the "pianist fingers". Everything is extremely simple, because it is not for nothing that the game is an arcade adventure. • Many assignments. In a toy, you can take side quests, though most of them are to "give-use", kill so many enemies. • Dramatic plot. Afrosuray fell in unequal battle. But, before death, he saw something more terrible than his own death. The death of everyone is close. Therefore, the power of revenge in it turned out to be much more powerful than death itself, and Afrosuray was revived from the ash.

Year: 2015
Developer: Redacted Studios
Publisher: Versus Evil
Crack: Included Codex
Download Size: 1.2 GB

  • OS: Windows 7/8
  • CPU: 2 Ghz
  • Memory: 2 GB
  • VideoP: Intel HD3000, NVIDIA GeForce GTX550 or Equivalent DirectX: Version 11
  • Space: 2 GB

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Afro Samurai 2 screenshot Afro Samurai 2 screenshot Afro Samurai 2 screenshot Afro Samurai 2 screenshot Afro Samurai 2 screenshot Afro Samurai 2 screenshot

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