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Alone In The Dark: Illumination

Once again, the developers have pleased users with a new game, where three genres are combined at once, namely the game for survival, action and shooter. Immediately I would like to note the fact that in the game you will need to decide for what character you will play. Developers have created a unique game project, so right now you can download Alone in the dark: illumination through torrent to plunge completely into the game.


The main actions of the game are unfolded in the near future in one mysterious American city. You play for one of the four characters. For whom you will play, you will learn further from the review. A nightmarish disaster hit the city in the form of flooding. Located in the city of Shakhty were completely flooded. For a while about such a cataclysm forgot, but when the locals began to notice inexplicable phenomena at the site of the disaster, then the causes of the cause of what had happened. The city covered the darkness, and now your heroes come to the trop of war with supernatural. What do you have to do in the game?


Four missions along with their unique and unusual heroes you have to go in this exciting game. Graphic parameters are at least a bit and crazy, but it makes the game just spectacular and unpredictable. You must choose a player, given its characteristics. A real head hunter can deftly own weapons of any caliber. Fairy can destroy otherworldly witchcraft. Holy Father as a character can heal the wounded your hero. And the minds of the mind will input unusual mechanisms for you, which will also help to fight any evil. So choose who you will play in the game. Each character is a unique hero that you must learn to manage. In the game Alone In The Dark: Illumination, you can download torrent for free from our site, you will see many enemies that will be constantly hiding in hidden locations.

Interesting Facts

Passing missions is very dangerous, so cooperate with players over the network - it will be much easier. You can switch between mentioned four characters at any time. You can pump every character, and even you need, for this you will get additional bonuses. Clear the city from the Horde of Demons to you like a player!


  • Unusual new locations. You along the whole gameplay will come across an unusual natural phenomenon - fog, just a dense fog, which can also destroy you. Therefore, to combat it, use the magical forces of your fairies.
  • Cunning animals. You will also come across violent animals, ghosts, ghosts and even vampires that will not be so easy to notice on locations.
  • New weapons for heroes. By choosing one of the four characters, you must take care of the weapon that is inherent for them. So learn carefully all the abilities and characteristics of your selected hero.
  • New Weapon for Hunter Character. You can get an unusual flamethrower, which you can simply burn several anti-heroes at once, but for this you need to dial the appropriate glasses in the game.
  • Graphics and sound. Sound accompaniment is suitable for such a genre - terrible music and nightmarish locations - it all brings uniqueness and unusual in the game.
  • Dark and hidden locations. Look for everything you can find, because for each hero you need certain types of weapons. In cooperative mode, the game looks great. You need to download the game Alone in the Dark: Illumination through torrent to learn some game features.

Year: 2015
Developer: Pure FPS
Publisher: Atari
Crack: Included (Codex)
Download Size: 5.46 GB

& # 9632; OS: Windows 7 SP1 / Windows 8 / Windows
& # 9632; CPU: Quad-Core Intel or AMD Processor 2.3+ Ghz
& # 9632; Memory: 4 GB
& # 9632; Video: NVIDIA GeForce 460 GTX OR AMD RADEON 6850 HD Series Card
& # 9632; DirectX: Version 11
& # 9632; Sound: Compatible S DirectX 9.0c
& # 9632;
Space: 15 GB

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Alone In The Dark: Illumination screenshot Alone In The Dark: Illumination screenshot Alone In The Dark: Illumination screenshot Alone In The Dark: Illumination screenshot Alone In The Dark: Illumination screenshot Alone In The Dark: Illumination screenshot

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