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American McGee's Alice (American McGee Alice) - Computer game of the third action, developed by American Rogue Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts under the guidance of Gamedizainer American McGee. The first round of the match ended on December 5-6, 2000. The product is intended for computers running Microsoft Windows and MAC OS, as well as Platforms PlayStation 3 and 360. The game uses the playing engine ID TECH 3, which was previously used in the Arena Quake III and was recycled by Ritual Entertainment for use in American McGees Alice.

Young Virgin has health bands and election (analogy with mana). Alice American McGee can run, jump, hang from ledges, interact with buttons and destroy the security of the queen of worms, chess figures, stork and others. In addition to the fight against enemies (only 15 types of enemies) and acrobatics, it is involved in solving simple puzzles. American McGee's Alice download torrent you can right now on the links below.

The plot of the game is based on the adventures of Levi Carroll in "Alice in Wonderland" and "Alice in the Mirror", but it represents another version of this fictional universe - dark, full cruelty and violence. The game tells about how a few years before the start of the main story in the house of Alice flashes fire, as a result of which her parents die. Alice, who since then fell asleep and was sent to the country of miracles, emotionally injured, because he feels responsible for his death. After several years of unsuccessful treatment in a psychiatric hospital, the girl again falls into the country of wonders, but only in order to be ashamed of his injured psyche. The events of the game are partially intertwined with the events of the original story. And they begin at the moment when the parents of Alice die in the fire - now she was in the country of wonders, she was unconscious, and this led to what he was considered responsible for the death of their parents. After the tragedy, Alice was sent to a psychiatric hospital, but the treatment turned out to be unsuccessful. But now Alice gave a chance to return to the country of miracles again, but not the one that she was before, but in a dark world, disgraced by the new worldview of the heroine. To play your favorite high-resolution game We recommend you American McGee's Alice HD download torrent.

Game got basically positive feedback in the press. On the positive side, the release releases emphasize high artistic and technical quality level design, as well as other aspects that determine the atmosphere of the game. The disadvantages were the shortcomings of the game: mostly excessive linearity of the game. The player meets most of the familiar characters of the original, which have changed in this Universe: Cheshire Cat, Easter Bunny, Queen of Hearts, Turtle, Duchess, and so on. All of them while traveling Alice through the door of the fortress, the Valley of Tears, a forest miracle, a chess empire, a mirror and other areas play an important role at some point in the development of stories. American McGee's Alice user interface has been implemented in third part. According to the developers, this regime, in contrast to the first person, increases comfort by monitoring the interaction of the main character with his environment and other characters, and also allows the emotions of the main character. After the release of the game, the developers explained the possibility of playing in the first person mode, it is possible to change the mode through the console. And right now you can American McGee's Alice download torrent on PC. Since the country of miracles is in the imagination of Alice, the tracker of life in the game has intellectual value. The value decreases when Alice is damaged by the enemies or an aggressive environment, as well as when Alice falls into the abyss (except for some steps of the game) and reset under other circumstances. If you set the Mind value to zero, the game will end, and you can continue it from the last checkpoint or speed of fast saving. There is also a will counter that replaces Manu. Will's power weakens when you use almost all types of weapons, and on too low speed it is impossible to use weapons. With a small level of complexity, the will is gradually restored without player intervention.

A certain amount of mind or will be immediately restored using crystals of various Metassukki (in English, Metaessence), which in the plot are the source of the life force of the fabulous country. Third-type crystals, also at the expense of meta-like - crystals of imaginary strength - restore both indicators. All types of crystals are scattered at different levels, some appear again in place after use. The crystal imaginary strength can also be obtained by defeating the enemy; The volume of such a crystal depends on the complexity of the defeated enemy, the unused crystal itself in most cases decreases over time and disappears. Automatic target detection is implemented in the combat system: when the opponent is at a distance of attacks, the goal of the player's weapons is automatically attached to the enemy and replaced. In addition, the "sight" can play the role of the jump pointer, which appears in the form of a tag on the surface in the place where Alice had to jump while the player applied the corresponding command. In the meantime, hurry american mcgee's alice free download. On game levels there are many platforms and other barriers that are not based on artificial intelligence. There are also puzzles that need to be solved with further passing game. For example, Alice twice during the game becomes a chess figure (elephant and horse), after which this figure under the control of the player passes through cells according to the rules of chess, trying not to fall into the loss trap.

Year: 2000
Developer: Rogue Entertainment
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 0.696 GB

  • OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10/11
  • RAM: 128 MB
  • The amount of free space is at least 4 GB of free space on the hard disk:
  • Video: 128 MB Videomemory, with support for OpenGL and DirectX 7
  • Sound fee: with support DirectX 7

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American Mcgee'S Alice screenshot American Mcgee'S Alice screenshot American Mcgee'S Alice screenshot American Mcgee'S Alice screenshot American Mcgee'S Alice screenshot American Mcgee'S Alice screenshot

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