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Ancient Warfare 2

Before you continue the popular sandbox game, where you are again on the battlefield form military units - these are square-headed characters that should fight among themselves for seizing territory. Two combat teams - units of red and blue, and now you will have more opportunities to arrange unusual battles. This combat sandbox consists of a dozen new locations and stages. You can now form a numerous army and play both on the side of the blue and on the side of the Red Military Squares.

In the Ancient Warfare 2 game, you can download torrent for free on our game site, you can define clear tactical and strategic opportunities for your military units.

Game plotting

As a player you can buy military units, and the beginning of each level will be marked by the correct placement of the detachment of your color square soldiers on locations. After you correctly put your fighters on the game field, you can watch the bloody and cruel battles and battles. In addition to the battles, you can also build a catapult and onagra to destroy enemy fortification facilities. In the game you can pick up good glasses, and buy even more military units for yourself. Battles in the game occur on different locations, including even deserted territories, and you will definitely need to destroy as many red warriors as possible and break their fortresses and locks. This is a team game in which two opposing parties find out the relationship. You yourself create a layout of battles, carefully think about the combat strategy, and then start an uncompromising war.

Mechanics of the gameplay

In the game you can use various kinds of cubic or square weapons, you can also use a siege tool, and you can simply come together with the enemy in hand-to-hand combat. Put your color combat squares need correct and reasonable. Examine the fighting and abilities of each warrior. On the first line, exhibit attacking troops, use protective military units behind them. You can use in the game shields, swords, even animals can be used on the battlefield. Download the game Ancient Warfare 2 Through torrent you can always from our free game site. You can also simply cut all your opponents into small pieces - and get your cherished gaming bonuses for it. During the game, you can upgrade your defensive facilities. Good sandbox with huge player capabilities.


You will play for the blue military units, although the number of red fighters significantly exceeds the number of your fighters at the very beginning of the game. So earn glasses to increase the power of your army. Rass the army of red squares and become a real winner in this fierce war. Two teams of warriors and only one winner!

Features Ancient Warfare 2

  • Create a battle itself. You yourself using the embedded game editor can create battles, or a computer will choose the necessary battle for you.
  • Gaming tasks. You can choose additional missions in the game, including the siege of the enemy fortress, capturing the enemy flag and many other missions are also available in the game.
  • Demo mode. In the game, at the very beginning, you can view the demonstration mode of the battles between the red and blue troops.
  • Construction of fortresses. In the breaks between battles you can engage in its territory. Modernize the fortresses, build even more fortifications on the battlefield.
  • Animals. In the course of the game you can use assistants in the form of beasts. Sandlute the beast, and feel free to go to the attack.

Year: 2017
Developer: Jni
Publisher: Jni
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 0.047 GB

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Ancient Warfare 2 screenshot Ancient Warfare 2 screenshot Ancient Warfare 2 screenshot Ancient Warfare 2 screenshot Ancient Warfare 2 screenshot Ancient Warfare 2 screenshot

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