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Angry Birds Space

Today we will talk about the game, which is quite well known for the whole world, and every year only improves its indicator from among those who play it. Therefore, today we will talk about the game, in which it cannot determine the winner for quite a long time, and it will be about Angry Birds, or rather one of its latest add-ons, namely Angry Birds Space. So if you are a tary fan of this game, or you just love to play different interesting games that are something like this game, then you just need to put Angry Birds Space download torrent.

Well, in the future we will talk about all that new that we could embody developers in a new series. Well, new here will be a fairly large amount, so that this game has a lot of differences from previous versions and with each next day replenishes the ranks of their supporters. But before we start talking about all this in more detail, let's say a few words about those people who already create something new and interesting in this game, and provide the opportunity for us to check with you with your own hands. Well, let's later go about developers and publishers. The role of the developers was the studio called Rovio Mobile Ltd, and the same unchanged studio spoke in the role of publishers, it is due to this that this game is so successful, and is popular in all corners of the world.

Game process

Well, now let's talk about all the innovations that will be presented in this game, and try how best to consider them all and bring this all the information to you, but you can do it all yourself, for this you will need only to put Angry Birds Space download torrent. And it will be your most right decision, because thanks to this you can rather adapt to everything new, which will be presented in the game. Well, now let's consider everything, the new thing that the developers presented to us in more detail. Let's start with the plot, of course, no one has changed the plot, everything remained, as it was before, birds with superpowers, will try to kill all annoying pigs. Of course, why change the plot, if everything and so happens quite good. Changes have undergone scenery, because all game events will now occur in space, it will be present, a large number of space instruments, planets and much more, which is associated with space. In general, there were not so many changes, only the youigable little things, and of course a few changes have undergone the main characters of the game. So if you want to feel like a bird that will kill pigs, but all this will happen in space, then you only need to download Angry Birds Space through torrent. Well, now let's notice and several features of this game.

Features of Angry Birds Space

  • Gaming scenery. Changes occurred precisely with this element of the game, and now you will be all playing time in space, so this innovation is quite interesting and interesting, since this is the first thing that will happen in the game behind the earth's surface.
  • Game characters. Of course, game characters remained those that were before, only they will have some new opportunities. Well, these changes mostly touched the birds, they will receive new opportunities, thanks to which they can be even better, and easier to straighten with annoying pigs.

Year: 2012
Developer: Rovio Entertainment Ltd
Publisher: Rovio Entertainment Ltd
Crack: Include
Download Size: 0.618 GB

  • OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10
  • CPU: 1 GHz+
  • Memory: 512 MB+
  • Sound: Compatible S
    DirectX 9.0c
  • Video: OpenGL support 1.3

Angry Birds Space Screenshots:

Angry Birds Space screenshot Angry Birds Space screenshot Angry Birds Space screenshot Angry Birds Space screenshot Angry Birds Space screenshot Angry Birds Space screenshot

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