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Anno 2070 There is a certain part of the gaming community, which are hot fans of "strategies", among them, in turn, have their own enclaves, one of which are adherents of economic strategies. They are in this case my target audience, it is my persistent recommendation, immediately Anno 2070 download torrent. Naturally, I will stop in more detail, since the information provided by me is not enough even for very hot adherents in order to download Anno 2070 through torrent.

So, Anno 2070 - Real-Time Strategy (actions occur in real time), Sitibild Strategy genre (that is, the city's construction is waiting for you). The action of the game takes place in, not super far, but still a distant future in 2070. According to the legend of the planet, the Earth experienced an ecological catastrophe in the form of global warming, most of the sushi was flooded with a rising level of the world ocean, when melting the glacier pole hats. After, only island archipelagos (former mountain peaks) remained at the disposal of mankind (former mountain peaks). Only two opposing coalitions remained on Earth (they are also ideologies), they are part-time strength that led to the cataclysms. One of them is an industrial mega-corporation, which the cataclysm has not taught nothing, the second is a global environmental organization (type "Greenpeace"), which stands for the preservation of that little. You have to choose one of these sides. Either you play for a rapidly developing business republic with ambitious inhabitants, seeking to maximize enrichment by at any cost, or for a slowly developing environmental power, which is trying to maintain the environment as much as possible on subject territories. There is also an initially neutral force - a community of leading global scientists, which can later accept one of the parties. Mostly you have to have peaceful activities: building cities, infrastructure setting, colonization and development of new lands, protection of strategic objects. Wars rarely arise, as a rule, rare minerals or for controversial territories. Game modes await you several: campaign, individual missions and "endless mode". The first two classics - campaign chain interconnected missions with certain conditions of victory, individual missions are the same, only they are not logically connected with each other, each represents a separate adventure. "Endless" mode is unique. It does not have certain Victory Conditions. You can play as much as you consider it necessary, and achieve the highest possible level of development.

Features Anno 2070

Let's summarize and voice the features of the game in order to finally convince you Anno 2070 download via torrent: 1. The game is one of the best products in the genre of the economic strategy of recent years, was performed on the classic model of German developers.2. Good simulator management municipal employee. You will have to build megacities independently determining the zoning and plan of the general building of the city, to customize its infrastructure from scratch, building production chains.3. Unlike many other similar games, you will have to operate with environmental and climatic factors. The game is completely devoid of linear plot, in the process you are waiting for a lot of "surprises" (emergency and cataclysms). Nature will be very sensitive to your activities, you will fully experience her opposition.4. Two completely different civilizations. Three types of residents, completely different in characteristics.5. Many types of overpasses, industrial, public, folding and special types of buildings and buildings necessary to ensure vital activity and intended for construction in different climatic conditions. 6. Developer's company did not please this game of critics in one, - too small amounts of activations from one license.

Year: 2011
Developer: Related Designs
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 2.26 GB

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