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Anvil Saga, a new construction project. The Centennial War is in full swing, and your goal in life is to revive your father's forge and turn it into a successful business. Trade with local bandits, merchants, priests and soldiers in England and France. He leads a team where the champions are prettier than each other. Upgrade your equipment and tools to produce better products. Decorate the forge to attract thickets. But most importantly, try not to lose your head! Literally. The Farm is the climax of the Hundred Years' War, and you control the Old Forge from your father's.

Their main goal is to revive their former greatness. Deal with merchants, priests, bandits, soldiers and anyone else who brings you money. You need to create a task force in which each Master has an individual character and behavior. Anvil Saga download torrent to PC from Mechanics you can free at the links below.

Build new facilities and buy equipment, expand the Forge to fulfill increasingly complex orders. Apartments, a library, and other workshops will be added to your normal workshop to expand your range - and all of it needs to be furnished and decorated. Become a great blacksmith, known far beyond the borders of England and France. Anvil saga offers players the chance to make all their thoughts come true with a huge variety of options. Create your own workshop and complete it with individual workshops, equip it to your liking. Do not forget to decorate the room to attract even more potential customers and cheer up your employees.

Decide and prepare for the consequences. Customers, relationships, and every choice matter. Earn a reputation among the enemy factions, get their protection and various bonuses for growing business. You are the one who decides what orders to take and with whom to deal. But remember: nothing comes without consequences, and sometimes they can be very unexpected! NYE orders and raise the level, it attracts new customers. If word gets out about the Blacksmith, rich people, celebrities, and even royalty will come to you. Don't miss out on a unique subscription that will make your business a lot of money. Gather a team of the best Champions, level up, upgrade your skills, and make a comfortable living and learning environment. In the meantime you will have to download Anvil Saga torrent language latest version.

Fulfill your orders and raise your prestige to attract rich and famous customers. Don't miss unique orders: a noble merchant orders his daughter a beautiful ring, a wandering knight has a flawless blade, and a lone hunter has an amazing silver sword. Manage your employees: each has a different character, skills, needs and salary level. Motivate them to be productive in a comfortable environment and comfortable rooms. Order specialized literature to pump up your skills, then provide the tools to become true champions.

Year: 2022
Developer: HeroCraft PC
Publisher: HeroCraft PC
Crack: Included (Goldberg)
Download Size: 0.926 Gb

  • OS: Windows 7, 8, 10, 11 (64 bit)
  • CPU: 1.6GHz
  • Memory: 4GB
  • Video: 2 Gb, DirectX 10/OpenGL 3.0
  • Space: 780 MB

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