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Psychological thrillers are very popular not only in the field of cinema, but also in the sphere of computer games. In this genre, there are already many interesting products, but the most new and most interesting of them is the game of Asemblance, the torrent of which can be from our portal, which has all the necessary resources for this operation. The game genre justifies itself, and the gamers will have to be really difficult to get out of the trap, in which their character gets.

It is noteworthy that the main person who was engaged in the development of the project is the usual game designer who has expanded his powers this time, and almost everything took into his own hands and control. In general, the product development belongs to the independent Nilo Studio, for which it is a good chance to declare oneself.

Plot games

The plot is very unusual, but very interesting. For lovers of original plots and non-standard situations, this product is exactly what you need, so right now you can play Asemblance download via torrent, but you should remember that it is best to do with our site. The story begins with the fact that the main character is unconscious for a long time, and waking understands that he is in a mysterious place, but as soon as he is engaged in his examination, he understands that he fell into a trap. In fact, the protagonist falls into the experimental apparatus, which can reproduce absolutely all memories of a person who can even be forgotten. The main character is a man with the "past", so for the players the task becomes more complicated - they need not only to find a way out of the trap, but also to cope with the unpleasant memories that will be tormented by their hero. That is the unwanted return to the past and will become for the protagonist the largest barrier on the way to finding the exit.


The developers recognized that, in the gameplay plan, they were influenced by the previously released products from a similar genre, but they did not copy them in any way, but simply learned how and what to do. This means that the gameplay questions are simplified to a minimum, and this is a very weighty reason for gamers Download Asemblance through torrent, what our resource can help. Indeed, in terms of controlling the hero, there will be nothing complicated, it will be much more difficult to cope with his emotions, and also focus on finding a way out of a strange place.

Interesting Facts

The designer who led the whole project, admitted that such series such as "Twilight Zone" and "Secret Materials" was inspired to create this game. It was always interested in such projects in which everything is very confused, and a person must do to the truth himself, and not get everything on a silent, so and the product has done the same. Since the main developer is a designer, for graphic, and indeed for the visual component you can not worry, because in this matter it did everything at the highest level.

Features Asemblance

  • Narration. Irrodeli tried to make their product to be not just a computer game, but a whole story that tells the story from the life of a simple person, from which the plot only wins.
  • Lack of logic laws. In this regard, the developers went to risk. In a certain sense, they made the game world with chaotic and aloghy, so that gamers could find the truth themselves, which will open only at the end.
  • Full freedom of action. Like many other checkers, these, too, decided not to limit the players in anything, and provided them with complete freedom of action, but it is from the actions of playing and will depend on the fate of the hero.

Year: 2016
Developer: Nilo Studios
Publisher: Nilo Studios
Crack: Include
Download Size: 1.78 GB

  • OS: - Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
  • CPU: - Core i5 Processor or Equivalent
  • Memory: - 4 GB RAM
  • Video Map: - Intel HD4400 / AMD RADEON 5750 1GB VRAM / NVIDIA GeForce 640 1GB VRAM
  • DirectX: - version 11 & # 10063; Space: - 3 GB

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Asemblance screenshot Asemblance screenshot Asemblance screenshot Asemblance screenshot Asemblance screenshot Asemblance screenshot

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