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Atom RPG Post-Apocalyptic Indie Game

Atom RPG Post-Apocalyptic Indie Game is a stunning, independent computer game that developers are positioned as a kind of domestic analogue of the follaut itself, which has been very popular among gamers in the CIS. With all this is obvious that the creators were focused on the gameplay of the old school, since according to the gameplay, the project rended to the first two parts of the Fallulaut, and not about the third and fourth, which turned into a full-fledged shooter with a first-person view, while at all forgetting at all about what started to all with RPG.

This time, the players will have a unique opportunity to correct this laughter, while applying the capabilities of their PCs to full, but before you you need an atom RPG Post-Apocalyptic Indie Game download torrent on our game portal.

Game engine

Immediately, I would like to note that the developers this time did not create a completely classic gaming project, and for this reason the total three-dimensional game engine was used, which nevertheless applies a top view, due to which the clear impression that you will be immersed in all Action to the maximum and at the same time you will see almost everything that happens around you. It is in this way that all the events taking place are gaining completely different turns and in the end it turns out a stunning, incredible, interesting story that borders literally with everything that somehow was suggested that. After all, the developers received a large number of interesting opportunities for the implementation precisely thanks to the Kickstarter platform, all this clearly shows the love of fans of the original games from the beginning of the two thousand years.


  • It is worth noting that there are many different opportunities in the game, here we will introduce some of them. If you want to learn in detail about them that we recommend you download the RPG POST-Apocalyptic Indie Game atom via torrent on our wonderful site.
  • The game has the opportunity to create a unique character with its strong and weak parties.
  • You are waiting for a balanced role-playing system, which is inspired by Gurps: Each of the statistics set promises a unique way to pass the game, separate dialogs and special ways of passing tasks.
  • In the game project more than a dozen skills, from hacking to gambling.
  • You are waiting for an exciting, exciting gameplay on a variety of locations. You will get acquainted with the life of other survivors in the settlement of the old world of the old world, visit the fields and forests, which are flooded with dangerous mutants. Torch challenge the pre-war secretaries of the underground bunker. Well, or just go fishing from a picturesque pond.
  • The developers have created tactical step-by-step battles, random meetings with dangerous and amazing residents of Soviet Waste, more than dozen carefully worked dialogs with unique NPC.
  • The game contains a huge number of tasks with alternative opportunities for passing. You can go through the game as it wants to you, and not as the developers obliged.
  • Enjoy listening to original author's music.


  • The atmosphere of the RPG POST-APCALYPTIC Indie Game atom fully complies with expectations. Mind the corresponding stunning music.
  • In the game, the creation of a character brings nostalgia by Follut.
  • As for dialogues and texts, there are no complaints here. Everything is done on conscience. You are waiting for many funny moments (like the description of money and others. Objects and availability of "Lenin Mausoleum" in one of the locations).
  • Map itself looks great and understandable.

Year: 2017
Developer: Atomteam
Publisher: Atomteam
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 7.13 GB

  • OS: Windows 64-bit (7/8/8.1/10)
  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo or Equivalent
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Video: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 or Equivalent
  • Space: 2.35 GB

Atom RPG Post-Apocalyptic Indie Game Screenshots:

Atom Rpg Post-Apocalyptic Indie Game screenshot Atom Rpg Post-Apocalyptic Indie Game screenshot Atom Rpg Post-Apocalyptic Indie Game screenshot Atom Rpg Post-Apocalyptic Indie Game screenshot Atom Rpg Post-Apocalyptic Indie Game screenshot Atom Rpg Post-Apocalyptic Indie Game screenshot

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