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Barbie Rapunzel

Barbie's doll returns, but already in the appearance of a beautiful princess, which together with the prince is ready to organize a real score. There is a preparation for the celebration, just at one fine moment the insidious sorceress with its evil spells is smasted not only the castle, where the celebration will be held, but also the prince himself, turning it into a petition. And now your charming heroine will have to try to argue the castle and Prince.

So begins the new adventure of charming Barbie with beautiful appearance.


The castle is about to turn it simply in the ruins, and you need to act immediately. Yes, and the prince is enchanted. Only your heroine will be able to break the spells of an evil witch. How to enroll in this situation? What you need to do first? Of course, transform the castle. There will be many options for creative gaming activities. Need to find six magic stones crown. To argue a prince who sits in imprisonment in a labyrinth, you need to first argue the castle. Use all light magical capabilities, solve puzzles, do the castle decor gradually. You can also transform the garden to plant flowers there, gradually destroying the witchcraft magic. So there is no limit to creativity in this version of an exciting game.


But do not forget that the sorceress will constantly build a goat you, trying to prevent you from finding magic stones. For each successfully traveled level in the castle and its surroundings, you will receive awards to advance on the game levels. Download game Barbie Rapunzel via torrent is possible in free mode from our new video game site. So help the princess Barbie make a miracle, save the castle and argue the prince. Use magic and magic at your request.

In the game you will also engage in the selection of outfits. And also receive rewards for successful scenery that you yourself can do in this exciting game! Destroy witchcraft witch!

Features Barbie Rapunzel

  • Resources. Gradually moving around the game levels, you can get a number of magical artifacts, including magic wands for coloring castle rooms.
  • Heroine. Your Barbie will subsequently give instructions. And you can use help in the game. So decorate the castle with your game creativity.
  • Prince. Having passed the maze and finding the stones, you will split the prince, and the masquerade will start.

Year: 2002
Developer: FunnyBone Interactive
Publisher: Vivendi Universal Games
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 0.622 GB

  • OS: Windows XP / VISTA / 7 / / 8/10
  • CPU: Pentium (or its equivalent) 266 MHz or above
  • Memory: 64 MB
  • Space: 175 MB

Barbie Rapunzel Screenshots:

Barbie Rapunzel screenshot Barbie Rapunzel screenshot Barbie Rapunzel screenshot

1. Mount the image by any program emulator (Daemontools or Alhocol120%).
2. Install by setting the parameters.
3. Play.

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