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Battlefield 4

Very dynamic and exciting action is waiting for you in this game. The beginning of the gameplay will be marked by the fact that you will receive an order from your headquarters to evacuate especially important officials who are located in the Republic of China. Next you will play alone for one special purpose soldier. You will be transferred to another state to perform mission to destroy dangerous enemies.

In the game Baethfield 4, download torrent you can free on our game server, you can get at your disposal the latest weapon. Events will be rapidly, so there will be no chance of thought in this game version. Command the elite detachment of troops - it is not an easy, but performing the task for your main character of the game.


At the very beginning of the game you get a task - you will need to find and evacuate very important persons. Then the task is to complicate what you will need to go to Azerbaijan to find the missing Russian soldier there. It will be the most important and responsible game mission. You will destroy enemies and enemy objects using powerful automata and machine guns, as well as move around locations both in foot and using vehicles. Especially interesting will be moved to locations on a military boat, which is also equipped with powerful weapons - machine guns, flamets and even mortars installed on such a maritime transportation. The dynamics of the gameplay simply amazes, so you will see rapid attacks and ribs of your order of warriors. But the enemies will be very much, so your weapon must be constantly upgrading. To do this, you need to fork out for game glasses.


Full freedom of action is presented to users in this game version. You can deftly control the boat, you can destroy all territory in multiplayer mode along with other users. But the main thing in Battlefield 4 is to fulfill the orders of your headquarters. In the corner of the screen will appear from time to time the game orders, followed by you constantly follow. Download Battlefield 4 game Through torrent you can free by visiting our updated game portal. After you are evacuating important persons, you must find the way home. But on this path you will desperately fight with a variety of enemies. So it is better to play in a cooperative mode to rather return to your military base and report on the successful implementation of your gaming mission.

And finally

In this game version also affects the scale of battles and huge and extensive gaming locations. Each mission is another task that will first need to study, and then proceed to its implementation. The game has a lot of adverse game missions that need to get to earn additional game bonuses for themselves. Very hurricane action is waiting for you, so start performing the orders of your headquarters now!

Features of Battlefield 4

  • New gaming engine. Due to the powerful physical engine, the game graphics significantly transformed. You will see incredibly beautiful landscapes, and especially impressive marine graphics.
  • Your hero commander. Conquering trust, you can easily give orders to your subordinates and watch their game actions.
  • Commands. In multiplayer mode, you must work out with other users to develop a game strategy for yourself to quickly seize the territory of the enemy.
  • Elite squad. The best specialty fighters will be collected in your team, possessing our own combat characteristics.

Year: 2013
Developer: DICE
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 47.87 GB

  • OS: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • CPU: (AMD): 6-core -CPU (Intel):4-core
  • Video: AMD RADEON HD 7870 / NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660
  • Memory: 8 GB
  • Sound device: Sound device compatible with DirectX 9.0s
  • Hard disk place: 25 GB

Battlefield 4 Screenshots:

Battlefield 4 screenshot Battlefield 4 screenshot Battlefield 4 screenshot Battlefield 4 screenshot Battlefield 4 screenshot Battlefield 4 screenshot

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