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Bear With Me

Literally the other day the release of this exciting adventure game with puzzle elements, which simply strikes its unusual plot and a little gloomy, black and white graphics. The game uses many dialogues to which you as a player should pay attention. So it's time to download Bear with ME through torrent to first see a beautiful spectacle. We go further by review.


Little girl is looking for his missing brother who disappeared somewhere far away on unknown locations.

The girl herself will not be able to find it - but she found a way out of this situation. She hires an experienced detective and detective, who was the usual, but very smart teddy bear. So now the shoulder to shoulder these two heroes will look for one character. Click on all subjects to find reliable sources of information and prompts. Collect as many items as possible. All events will occur in dark rooms and labyrinths, so you must act neat and very carefully. Success in the game depends on you.


And so you got into a dark room. Look for everything you find, use all the prompts, because your unusual bear-detective will be able to solve the most difficult tasks and puzzles. In the game, the heroes are very simple. Just with the mouse you can move your characters from the room in the room. Bear With Me, download torrent which is possible with our free game portal, is saturated with unusual plot turns that you like a player should pay attention to. Rooms are full of riddles and surprises, in the most remote corners you can find a lot of useful information. But to switch between your characters, maybe therefore study all the habits of your heroes - and then your missing brother will definitely be found. The girl will always find a common language with a strange detective - but he will help her, do not even doubt. What a new one brought such an amazing game?

Interesting Facts

What else interesting invented the developers of such a fascinating game. There is such a nuance to pay attention to. When you visit the gloomy rooms - inspect everything around, do not rush to leave the location until you find all the hidden objects - and this is additional bonuses in the game. Chat more with all secondary characters - then you will definitely find a lot of evidence and you can find your native brother. Use your fantasy and imagination - and you can do everything really in this interesting game!

Features Bear WITH

  • Eyewitnesses and witnesses. You must join the discussion with all the characters in the game, because they will help you give some hooks. Do not pay attention to your bear - it is sometimes very grumpy and not surrender, so take the initiative to your hands.
  • Tangled events. As you pass the game, you will find out that your girl also began hunting from the cunning villain, which fire envelops the city and premises, thus preventing your main heroine.
  • City in panic. You will need not only to seek your missing brother, but also interrogate the inhabitants of the city about the possible deployment of a mysterious red little man who has made panic and chaos in the usual town.
  • Extraordinary graphics. The whole game looks very gloomy, but it has its own nuances, because now games in black and white format are becoming increasingly popular among users.
  • Download the game Bear WITH ME via torrent will be able to any user if you visit our free new game site. There are a lot of interesting facts in the game that you will learn about, reading this game review.

Year: 2016
Developer: Exordium Games
Publisher: Exordium Games
Crack: Included (Plaza)
Download Size: 3.28 GB

  • OS: Windows XP+
  • CPU: SSE2 Instruction Set Support, Generally Everything Made Since 2004 Should Work
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Video: DX9 (Shader Model 2.0) Capabilities; Generally Everything Made Since 2004 SHOLD WORK
  • DirectX: Versions 9.0
  • Space: 1100 MB

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Bear Me screenshot Bear Me screenshot Bear Me screenshot Bear Me screenshot

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