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Black Prophecy Space simulators grow like mushrooms. The product that will now be spent the simulator cannot be called a simulator because it contains several directions at once, plus, there are also a storyline, and mass battles that for conventional simulators with the study of the territory is not characteristic. All of the above is contained in the game Black Prophecy, download torrent which is available on our website, and it can do it anyone, especially since this process does not take much time and effort.

This time, players do not just fly to galaxies, but to plunge into a rather serious and dangerous world. The action of the game unfolds 500 years after today. In essence, people remained the same, only alone insert the implants into their body to have more strength and better health, and others change their genetic component if she does not suit them, of course. There is a constant struggle between these large two groups, which will soon develop into a serious, armed conflict. But it would still have nothing to do, but alien inhabitants appeared here, calling themselves restorers. They are the third party. They do not help anyone, but try to destroy and those and others to capture the earth. And then players should intervene, but to do this, you need to play Black Prophecy to download torrent, but it will not be at all difficult if you use our resource for this. The third party's gamers are not available, so the character will have to be inclined into one of the human races. Here, too, it is necessary to think well, because each party is not only fighting with aliens, but also defends its interests. Fights will be held both on earth and in the air. Ships are a separate question for which you can talk long. At the disposal of gamers will be a large number of aircraft of different sizes. You can sit behind the helm of a small fighter, and you can take command over the most huge machine, but then you will have to answer more and for the crew. The number of ships reaches hundreds, so there will always be from what to choose and on what to fly. In the issue of genres, here you can find a strategy, and RPG and action. In principle, the more directions - the more interesting. Intervene in the struggle of three sides is possible if you download Black Prophecy through torrent and through our portal. Battles will be exciting, and besides, everyone can piloting the ship chosen to them.


• Modular Execution of the Space Ship. Players will be able to customize their combat ship as they consider it necessary. This is a big plus, because each unit can be customized. It will be very interesting to do this, because the developers have made a large number of combinations that allow you to determine the specialization of the machine.• Ability to join clans. This is a very important point that refers to the multiplayer regime. Players can create clans, or enter into already ready. Having enough players in the team, gamers will be able to build their space stations and modify them with various bonuses that are earned in command battles.• Influence on the plot. You can perform tasks as a team and al1. In principle, the method of making missions is not so important because each player adopted by the decision will affect the further development of the storyline. Again, the gamemen will write their game script.• Quality graphics. In this matter, nothing else could be, since the action in cosmic conditions requires quality schedules. The developers coped with it and created for the players not only a bunch of chips, but also the most realistic effect.

Year: 2011
Developer: Reakktor Media
Crack: Include
Download Size: 5.46 GB

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Black Prophecy screenshot Black Prophecy screenshot Black Prophecy screenshot Black Prophecy screenshot Black Prophecy screenshot Black Prophecy screenshot

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