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Blade of Darkness 2021

Blade of Darkness Remastered - Reprinting Popular In the past game Blade of Darkness. Over the central kingdoms hung a new threat. The boundaries guarded by the horrible knights of the king, ceased to be insurmountable. Orcs foal clans, more numerous than ever, attack traces on all paths. Proud nomadic peoples steppe beat anxiety, because there are terrible creatures in darkness. Even gnomes, hiding in underground palaces, can not sleep well: the army of the disgusting creatures is impassable from abandoned mines.

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Chaos captures the world. Only elders remember the impact of the hero and several warriors, who in the old days fought with the forces of chaos. Jiana, the mother of all living things, gave the hero of the mighty sword so that he goes to the abyss and won evil. But it was a long time ago. We need a new hero, elected worthy to become the owner of the sword and destroy the enemy ... this time forever. But first you will have to choose one of the four heroes offered. There are four unique heroes at your disposal. For example, Barbarian named Tukarama, who believes on the gross power and can crush enemies with severe and mortal attacks, and there is a gnome-shaped, which has abilities, unique to people living in mines. There is still an Amazon named Zoe, which has an incredible speed, and a knight named Sargon. Each character beats with enemies in a unique combat style, does not have less unique characteristics. Abilities and skills and pumped along the game individually.

Choose one of the four warriors Jiana: Varvara Tukarama, Dwarf Madlön, Sargon Knight or Amazon Zoe. Each of them has its own unique strengths and weaknesses and fighting skills that will help you win a bloody battle with chaos army and save the world. Fill the destructive rows of shocks and use them to rotate enemies into the bloody parcel. Cut away opponents of the limb and use them as a weapon! In everything, you are waiting for you a familiar adventure, which will probably allow you to get a maximum of pleasure. First you need Blade of Darkness Remaster download torrent and can only actively act. Do not hurry with decisions and just succeed. Battle, darkness and doomed world, in this game everything prompts on a quick end and death, but knights do not give up, they are ready to reach the end to the last sigh. Everything to buy out your sins. Fighting orcs, trolls, heads, demons, skeletal and many evil enemies, learning the tomb filled with traps, ice fortress, tower of demons, deserts, temples and palaces.

Destroy game objects with fire or fists, solve puzzles and neutralize traps combining various physical and hydraulic systems! You need to reincarnate in one of the four main characters who are warriors Jiana: Varvara Tukarama, Dwarf Nadegar, Wargon Warrior or Amazon Zoe. Each of them is endowed with extraordinary skills, but we also have weaknesses. Try to master all aspects of these heroes perfectly to get such a victory! We are glad to breathe a new life in the blade of darkness, eternal classics, whose innovative combat system inspired creators of many games. In this edition, we process the game for modern PCs, added support for widescreen screens with a resolution to 4K, added a new display setting and has improved overall stability. At the same time, the gameplay, filling and plot remained intact, keeping all the features and charm of the original.

Year: 2021
Developer: Rebel Act Studios Fire Falcom General Arcade
Publisher: Sneg
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 0.931 GB

  • OS: Windows 7/8.1/10 (x64)
  • CPU: Dual Core 2Ghz Processor
  • Memory: 4 GB
  • Video: CompatibleOSS DirectX eleven
  • Space: until 6.5 GB

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Blade Of Darkness 2021 screenshot Blade Of Darkness 2021 screenshot Blade Of Darkness 2021 screenshot Blade Of Darkness 2021 screenshot Blade Of Darkness 2021 screenshot Blade Of Darkness 2021 screenshot

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