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Cal of Duty 2

Many will probably agree with the fact that the feces of Duty 2 today remains the most respected and popular military shooter from the first person. And if you have not yet understood why it is so popular, then we recommend you feces of duty 2 Download torrent on our website by reference below. At the very beginning, you will find yourself in a truck body in one of the Egyptian cities, in the very center of the cruel, terrible battle against the German army.

It is worth noting that along the way you will receive orders and goals, at the very beginning you will cover panic and feeling confusion. There will be noise and explosions around the circle, and you will not immediately understand what you need to do.


Well, and, of course, following the tradition of the first part, the second demonstrates the events of the Second World War on the person of representatives of the whole three different factions, among which there was a place: Army of the United States of America, the Soviet Union and Britain. Each of them represents a diverse plot and a place of action. Therefore, it is not surprising that the game project does not have time to get bored even in a few hours of active passage, because it allows for a complete coil to fire with fascist invaders. We strongly recommend that you download Cal of Duty 2 through the torrent on our game storage, and meet here with your familiar characters, among which there is Cpitan Price, which is a kind of symbol of the entire franchise, although, for him you can only play in the fourth part.

Features of Cal of Duty 2

  • A lot of updates and improvements have appeared in the game, with all them you can read after you decide to download Calov Duty 2 through torrent on our website of web resources.
  • Choose everything you want. In the game you will be available to the use of a variety of firearms, as well as available military equipment (it can be tanks, as well as large-sized installations). All weapons modeling took place, based on these and existing analogues.
  • In the game project, everything like rearing. Developers this time on glory worked on realism, managed to make such a wonderful game project (you can make sure that you can from the very first minutes). It rarely happens that the gaming events are made such that you start to believe believe that everything is actually unfolded - here and now.
  • In the feces of duty 2 you are waiting for a dynamic process. The project is designed for what you dedicate to her not one day, all gameplay is divided into 3 campaigns, and in each of them 27 missions. The tasks in the game may be different - in one you need to destroy superior enemy forces, engaging tactical skills, in another save all the integrity of vital goods, while not losing it, but in the third to protect the test point so that your allies can Get an advantage and much more. Well, of course, the fascination of what is happening.
  • Never in any way underestimate your enemy. After all, your opponents are not just a bunch of stupid NPS, which make one and the same mistakes once. In order for you not to be bored, the developers provided the enemy AI, due to which his behavior in battles is adjusted on the basis of observation of your actions.
  • In the game you are waiting for many different features - secrecy, sudden attack, sneaking.
  • There are no strict rules here. You just need to go through the existing missions in the manner prescribed by the game - choose yourself, the better to do, pass the story of the time of war.

Year: 2005
Developer: Infinity Ward
Publisher: Activision
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 3.10 GB

  • System: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7/8/10;
  • CPU: 1.4 GHz;
  • Memory (RAM): 256 MB;
  • Video: 100% compatible with DirectX® 9.0C, with RAM 64 MB;
  • Audiographer: 100% compatible with DirectX® 9.0c, 16-bit;
  • Hard disk: 4 GB +600 MB for Windows SWAP file;

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Cal Of Duty 2 screenshot Cal Of Duty 2 screenshot Cal Of Duty 2 screenshot Cal Of Duty 2 screenshot Cal Of Duty 2 screenshot Cal Of Duty 2 screenshot

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