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Cal of Duty 3

Probably, at one time, many fans of a series of duty were very puzzled by why the fourth part came out when only the second was. The miracle finally happened, and now the release of the third part of the shooter took place on PC. And right now you have the opportunity to calie duty 3 Download torrent on our game storage. As the basis for the plot, the real operations were again served, which took place during World War II.

Now the development is answered by the Infinity Ward Studio, but the company Treyarch. And in the future, such a change will be traditional for the franchise, dividing the series at once into two branches. The game in the title roles are the military personnel of different powers, among them there are United States of America, the Soviet Union, France and the United Kingdom. However, be prepared for the fact that you will often have to jump from one part of the globe, to another.


This time, the episodes of the third part of the most religious series reveals new episodes of World War II. There are many secrets here, which you must solve, among them - allies' secret missions in Normandy and France and the offensive in Germany. And right now we recommend downloading Cal of Duty 3 through torrent on our website web resources. You must go to the front, take the side of the American, British, Canadian or Polish troops, as well as learn about the fate of all civilians and glorified military, on brilliant operations and grandiose general failures, about the merits of the dead opponents and the betrayal of friends. Cal of Duty 3 does not leave anything bad, terrible for the scenes, so you will see the second world in her pristine court.


As for the gameplay of the game, he remained the same, with the exception of many details. At times under the management of the gamer will be transported, among which there are tanks. In it, you can dismiss the bunker of my enemy from one shot. Now in service the soldiers appeared pointers for air volunteers from aircraft. Being in shelter, you can order a shot on the group of enemies, but all these charges are limited, for this reason you need to approach them with the mind. After you decide to download Kalov Duty 3 Through torrent on our video game website, you will play not only in the story campaign, but also in the multiplayer, which is significantly recycled and now battles pass on small maps, which makes it possible to concentrate the dynamics.

Features of Cal of Duty 3

  • Cal of Duty 3 is the final trilogy of the modern war part that will delight his amazing variety of weapons. It will change from the level to the level, from location to location. And at times, exclusive, single specimens will come across at all.
  • In the game you will find a single campaign, divided into three acts, each of them is dedicated to a separate hero. This approach has become traditional for the game, and it definitely serves as one of the reasons for the interest in the series represented.
  • As for the multiplayer mode, then, in fact, he is the same thing that was in Modern Warfare 2, but very strongly transformed. For example, now upon receipt of several awards for executing a task chain, you can personally choose which one to apply the first.
  • In addition to the various battles of players against players in a multiplayer game project, it is provided for a mode with bots, where alone or enhancing the support of a friend must be resistant to the upcoming enemy detachments.

Year: 2006
Developer: Treyarch
Publisher: Activision
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 2.28 GB

  • OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10
  • CPU: Pentium 4 2.5 GHz
  • Memory: 512 MB
  • Hard disk space: 3.0 GB

Cal of Duty 3 Screenshots:

Cal Of Duty 3 screenshot Cal Of Duty 3 screenshot Cal Of Duty 3 screenshot Cal Of Duty 3 screenshot Cal Of Duty 3 screenshot Cal Of Duty 3 screenshot

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