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Call of Duty 2

In this new version of the military shooter, the topics of the Second World War. You have to play immediately for three game characters. This is a soldier of the British army by the name Price, the Russian soldier of the Soviet Army and the American Experienced Warrior. On the battlefield you will perform new tasks. Destroy enemy technique, blow up strategically important enemy objects and capture enemy territory - these are the main tasks that need to be performed in this game.

Call of Duty 2, download torrent you can free on our game site, saturated with bright military episodes. You will have at your disposal two types of weapons, including automatic and hand grenades. As playing levels pass, your weapon will be upgraded. So proceed to combat operations now.

Game Fabul

Once on the battlefield, you must fulfill all the orders of your headquarters. Each of the three heroes has its own combat skills and characteristics. British soldier skillfully uses his weapon. Automatic queues he will destroy the position of opponents. Soviet warrior easily undermines enemy tanks using grenades, but a fearless American warrior goes across. You have the opportunity to switch between your game characters in the course of the game. The beginning of the game will be marked by a military operation near the German city of Blitzkrieg, where you have to fulfill a lot of important military operations for which you can get good game rewards. In addition to weapons, you can also learn how to manage the steel machine - tank. On the tank you can destroy a number of enemy objects. You have the opportunity to also shoot down enemy fighters and bombers. But the main thing is to seize the enemy territory and go to the fulfillment of another gaming mission.

Game process

Very hot battles are waiting for you in this version of the game. But first, you must examine the cards, choose a soldier, and then start performing tasks. Initially, it is necessary to divide the enemy territory to learn about the number of an opponent's army. Take a bigger pomegranate with you, look for resources on locations to constantly replenish your ammunition. In the game Call of Duty 2, download torrent which is possible in free mode from our game storage, you will pumped the title of your soldier. First you will be the usual ordinary, which will execute orders, and then you can take on the role of the commander of his unit of troops.


In order not to get lost on gaming locations, use the compass in the corner of the game screen to move correctly on game territories. At any time you can change the weapon. And you can still destroy tanks with a grenade. But remember that the number of such weapons is limited, so inspect the locations to find a new weapon there.

Features Call of Duty 2

  • Combat units. Tanks and fighters were significantly upgraded in this game version. Now on a powerful tank you can destroy all the enemy objects, including the bases.
  • Game characters. Play for each soldier, in the arsenal of which there is your unusual tricks and tricks. Each hero has its own specific tactics and strategy.
  • Sound design game. Whistle bullets, tearing shells - very spectacular sound design.
  • Gaming missions. You have to go about thirty important missions. You will see a lot of military equipment, weapons will be plentiful, and from the dead enemies you can remove weapons and ammunition.

Year: 2005
Developer: Infinity Ward
Publisher: Activision
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 3.79 GB

  • System: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7/8/10;
  • CPU: 1.4 GHz;
  • Memory (RAM): 250 MB;
  • Video-Map: 100% compatible with DirectX® 9.0C, with RAM 64 MB;
  • Audio card: 100% compatible with DirectX® 9.0c, 16-bit;
  • Hard disk: 4 GB +600 MB for Windows SWAP file;

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Call Of Duty 2 screenshot Call Of Duty 2 screenshot Call Of Duty 2 screenshot Call Of Duty 2 screenshot Call Of Duty 2 screenshot Call Of Duty 2 screenshot

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