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Call of Duty 3

Release the capital of France and Normandia - here are the main tasks in the next version of the legendary military shooter from the first person, where now you can unite efforts with allied powers to resist the dangerous aggressor in the face of fascist invaders. World War II continues. Whistling bullets, attacks, shootouts, use of military equipment - it's all again to you as a player will need to see.

But first of all, you need to explore the fighting characteristics of your soldiers. In the game Call of Duty 3, download torrent with which you can free by visiting our page on the Internet, you will play for new heroes. Canadian and Polish warriors will join American and British military officers. As stated, the Allied military coalition expanded. Only by command actions you can achieve a positive outcome of your gaming missions.


Famous developers tried to fame. Now the whole process of the game stuffed with new diverse military operations. At the beginning of the game, you choose a soldier who first needs to be learned. Next you will direct it in battle. Very hot battles and confrontation you have to see in this part of the game. Paris's salvation from German invaders, a coalition troops landing in Normandy, grandiose and large-scale battles, both on Earth and in the air, and still a lot of new weapons for your soldiers - a unique version with amazing graphics and unusual sound accompanies. The French capital you must free up using military equipment. Not only tank battles are waiting for you, many more air departures you can do on airplanes and fighters. Among your team, warriors will be traitors, so taking into account this and try to carefully examine the fighting characteristics of each member of your squad.


In this version of the game, you must capture the observation point of the enemy. From the tower you will see all your opponents, which will be able to shoot using a sniper rifle. Under different weather conditions you have to play. Shelters is the main moment in the game. After all, not only enemy infantrymen will attack you, but also German tanks, which are also dangerous in battle. Download Call of Duty 3 Through torrent you can always from our free video game site. Successful task is another reward. Raise the game status of your main character. From the usual ordinary, you can turn your hero in the commander-in-chief of the whole army.

And in conclusion

Break through the defense of the enemy will be difficult, but for this you need to use your maximum weapon. Do not regret the cartridges, change armament, look for new allies for yourself. Now even Canadian allies can come to your aid in this exciting and original game. Excellent three-dimensional graphics and just unique game locations and landscapes!

Features Call of Duty 3

  • Defense Staff. Alone You will not be able to protect your most important strategic object - your headquarters. Help need here. Help you your faithful colleagues, that is, the Allies on the game. Four powers ready to come to the rescue.
  • Strategy and cutter. And without it can not do in the game. You yourself as a user develop a strategy for yourself, and attract the allies as much as possible, because with each stage of the game the number of enemy army increases significantly.
  • Transport. Not only tanks, but also high-speed motorcycles with strollers can quickly move to the rear of the enemy, and there you can already show yourself as a fighter!

Year: 2006
Developer: Treyarch Invention
Publisher: Activision
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 5.79 GB

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Call Of Duty 3 screenshot Call Of Duty 3 screenshot Call Of Duty 3 screenshot Call Of Duty 3 screenshot Call Of Duty 3 screenshot Call Of Duty 3 screenshot

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