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ChKN - Game in the genre of sandbox. Or rather this designer. Here you can create the most unusual animal species and various items. You can create your own pet and explore this immense game world with it. There are a lot of combinations in the game and each unique. Fatal creature will have its own character and its own characteristics. Look for items and create new to survive. No longer wait to download chkn torrent?

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Create life

Bring a new life to this world. It can be any shape and size of what only you can imagine. No matter who it will. Tiny animal or a huge vast monster. Each of them will be at different react to the outside world and to your actions. They can be cute and smile to you, and can go to you, making a malware smell. The last most likely will happen, because you will have to survive.

Unique features and features

Creatures are collected from Lifeblock, which have their own features and parameters. They may give your brainchild strength or speed. You can make it so that your pet is shooting in ink or could poison the enemy. All this you can use in your own interests. For example, you can create a creature with a powerful beak that can faster than you cut the tree. Or it can shoot water like a fire hose. It will be very by the way when you get into the cave to the dragon and he will hit you with fire.

Work and build with your pets

Creatures you created can help you collect resources for the construction of new tools, designs and many other. Also collected resources will help improve the skills of the creatures themselves. You can build fortifications so that poerars could not kidnap your pets or a farm to grow crop and not to die with hunger. The better your resources, the greater the chance to survive and develop faster. And to start the game now, you need chkn download torrent for free on this page below.

Fight for survival and explore the island

Life boils around you. Some characters are friendly, and some are not very. You will have to work together with your pets to survive and protect your farm. Indeed in the world chkn a lot of dangers. The game has three main dragon with which they have to fight, and there are poachers who will help them defeat them. CHKN has secret caves for research, beaches for walking, fragrant valleys and much more, what you have to explore yourself if you decide to download chkn torrent.

Show originality

If you do not like the survival mode, you can play creative mode. Here you are granted an unlimited number of resources and you are free to create everything you think. Experiment and create the most unusual items and creatures. You do not have to kill four dragons to learn what it means to have a creature with 12 firewall heads. But believe me on the word - it's very cool.


To play with your friends, go to multiplayer mode. You can work in the mode of survival with your group to work for the development of your settlement or jointly build a gigantic creature. In CHKN, you can invite friends to any gaming mode and try something to do together. Or you can divide, and competing for the resources to find out who played better and will come to first place. To solve only you.

Features chkn

  • Unusual creatures. You can create the most unusual creatures of different sizes, of different shapes, with different abilities and characters. Each of them can help you how to help you and destroy you.
  • Survival. In the world chkn not all characters are kind. Some want to destroy or rob you. Therefore, you need to actively collect resources and defend your farm and your pets.
  • Creative mode. Create everything you think in creative mode. There are no restrictions on resources and you do not have to spend time on their prey. Experiment and show creativity.
  • Multiplayer. There is a multiplayer in the game. Because you can call friends in the game and survive together or compete with each other.

Year: 2016
Developer: Katapult
Publisher: Katapult
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 1.98 GB

  • OS: Windows XP (SP2), 7, 8, 10
  • CPU: 2 Ghz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Video: DirectX9 Compatible GPU
  • Space: 1 GB

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