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Chromosome Evil - a survival strategy in a zombie invasion. Team management, lots of options depending on how you build your team, soldiers are good killers, engineers can set the degree of protection by building towers, barricades or using special key points from the environment to create traps, and doctors can support your team in the long run. Who would have thought that evil can sometimes lead to such dangerous creatures that begin to threaten the life of mankind? What to do in such cases? Everything is quite simple, you need to quickly take control of the situation and try to achieve a positive result, destroying dangerous enemies and saving survivors.

First, just Chromosome Evil download the torrent on PC and go on an exciting adventure where you can control mercenaries and try to complete the tasks at hand. But you should not relax, because you have to think about acting and being successful.

In this phase you can choose where to send your team in search of supplies and information, you can choose how to equip the survivors and what skills to enhance them, you choose the route and decide the best course of action for the extraordinary events that lie ahead. All you have to do is to manage a group of mercenaries, try to find the right equipment for them and constantly upgrade their skills. So you can prepare for the next encounter and just move on. Don't forget that monsters are very dangerous, they can appear out of nowhere, psychologically affect heroes and even ambush. Some monsters are destroyed in a few shots, while others seem immortal. The most important thing is to control everything that happens and try to realize your full potential properly. In the meantime, get Chromosome Evil download torrent for PC Mechanics.

The old evil has returned from the earth with terrible creatures, unpredictable horrors, and if that is not enough, dead people will come back to life in the form of reanimated flesh to fight side by side with this evil. The main character and his brother are one of the few survivors of the army, but one day their closest relatives disappear. More recently, he has been gathering information about monsters: studying the channels and holes through which creatures appear. They will do anything to see him again. First you have to assemble a team of three different classes: engineers can build towers, barricades and defend the perimeter, soldiers are ideal killers and doctors are indispensable helpers to keep you alive as long as possible. But first of all you have to Chromosome Evil download torrent latest version. Develop each individual's unique ability to effectively go through it and survive. You are part of what is left of the army, your brother, who took care of you when your parents died, was also part of the army and disappeared during a mission a few miles from where you have to gather information about these underground burrows where these creatures come from. They decide to take the last path of reconciliation to see their brother again.

Year: 2022
Developer: SC 16 BIT NIGHTS SRL
Publisher: SC 16 BIT NIGHTS SRL
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 0.222 Gb

  • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, 11
  • CPU: Pentium 4
  • Memory: 1GB
  • Space: 500 MB

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Chromosome Evil screenshot Chromosome Evil screenshot Chromosome Evil screenshot Chromosome Evil screenshot Chromosome Evil screenshot Chromosome Evil screenshot

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Zombies, Horror, Strategy, Simulation

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