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Corsairs: the city of lost ships

Pirates of the Caribbean continue to conquer the hearts of movie lovers and gamers. Does not lag behind competitors and the game of Corsairs: the city of lost ships, download torrent which is already on our portal. This time actions will unfold in the Pirate World. There were already projects, focused on finding treasures, on marine adventures and long-term plot lines. This product accommodates in all the little bit.

Players will go back to free swimming, where they are waiting for a lot of interesting things. Gamers nobody forces anything, so everyone has the right to do what he wants. You can pump the character, performing instructions and getting bonuses for it. You can pay more attention to weapons, equipping the ship and other things. Again, everyone himself decides that it is more important for him, and what to do a greater emphasis as progress.

Plot games

This product is an addition to the original third part, so there is no particularly serious storyline here. But there is a huge game world, in which all the cards and locations are open from the very beginning. Only this fact navigates the game to the game of Corsairs: the city of lost ships download through torrent, which is always possible with the help of our site. Despite the lack of the main storyline, players can create a story for their hero. From the first minutes of the game you need to decide what to focus your character: for life in a pirated environment, to serving the government, or in search of treasures. Each optional has its advantages, but before the game you need to weigh everything well. Gaming process has a little mystical bias. This is due to the secrets of the ancient Aztecs whose treasures lie on the seabed. It is possible that the gamers will be fighting not only with people and other pirates, because a variety of ancient inhabitants live in forgotten all locations.


As before, the gameplay is diverse. It allows players to do everything that only them wants. Gameplay allows you to swim on ships and participate in sea battles, step for ports and fight opponents on sudunnel, and a lot of others. Graphics in a simple project, but a variety of gameplay completely overlaps visual flaws of developers.

Interesting Facts

Another element on which the developers pointed their attention - this is a reality. They made characters not only stronger, but also smarter. Now the players will be much more difficult to find jewels, then that very serious opponents will be on the way.

Features of Corsary: ​​City of Lost Ships

  • New locations. Developers in additions are made on the open world of the Caribbean. It became even more locations, the card increased, and the players have new areas that they can explore. In some of these locations there are really treasures, it remains to find them.
  • New hero. Old characters with their stories stayed behind. In this product, a completely different main character. He has his own biography, his own story and his way, which players will choose for him. On the fate of the protagonist will mostly influence the tasks for which they will take.
  • A large number of ships. Ships throughout the series are one of the most important factors, so they are constantly improved. This project offers players even more water vehicles on which you can move and arrange a good sword competition.

Year: 2007
Developer: Akella
Publisher: PlayLogic Entertainment I Akella
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 2.06 GB

  • OS: XP, Vista, 7
  • CPU: Pentium 4 - 1.5 GHz
  • Memory: 512 MB
  • Space: 8.1 GB
  • Video: GeForce 4 (except MX-series)
  • File system: NTFS

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Corsairs: City Of Lost Vehicles screenshot Corsairs: City Of Lost Vehicles screenshot Corsairs: City Of Lost Vehicles screenshot Corsairs: City Of Lost Vehicles screenshot Corsairs: City Of Lost Vehicles screenshot Corsairs: City Of Lost Vehicles screenshot

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