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Cossacks 3

Meet the third historical and military strategy, where all events will occur in Europe, and they will cover a whole era, starting with the seventeenth and ending with the eighteenth century. This game in real time is marked not only by battles and battles, you will still have to deal with construction and mining of securities. You must form a multi-year army that can capture entire sectors and the territory of the enemy.

In the game Cossacks 3, download torrent of which you can completely free, you can use not only cold weapons - and it sabers and checkers, but also firearms. The game provides for both one and multiplayer modes, and at once five historical gaming campaigns you have to go in the game. On one game map simultaneously can be located up to ten thousand military units.

Plot games

At the very beginning of the game, you must decide on your choice - for which nation you will play. Immediately twelve gaming factions are presented in strategies, each of which has its own strategic, tactical and combat characteristics. In the game you can play on the side of Austria, France, and even for Ukraine you can play. Construction, you should pay special attention to defensive buildings, because the army of opponents in this new version will attack your sector from all sides. Using a game card, you will be able to determine the dislocations of the enemy armies. Game developers created storylines for each game nation. In the game you will separately manage the actions of your warrior. And you can combine your soldiers to whole units. As for resources, you must explore the neighboring, not yet occupied territories. But the main game mission is the constant development of your gaming power. Build workshops, administrative centers and military headquarters.


The gaming process itself of this part of the strategy has practically not undergone significant changes, but there are also its innovations. For example, if you select a Muslim power, while the player you must capture all the territories on the game map. In the game Cossacks 3, download torrent which you can free by visiting our updated gaming site, you will use a new firearm characteristic of this period of time. Still follow the prompts, copy the resources that you will find on locations. Resources will be needed for the modernization of the equipment and weapons of your combat units. Give your chosen nation to prosperity. Get a lot of pleasures from the gameplay.

Interesting moments of the game

On each playing stage you can upgrade your character's equipment, as well as increase your experience. Excellent version with improved graphics and new game textures! Good luck to you, commander of your chosen nation. Give your people to victory!

Cossack features 3

  • New fractions. Ukraine appeared in this part, which will desperately defend its lands and territories.
  • Tactical features. Selection of units, appliances and weapons - this all offers your player a huge selection of tactical and strategic opportunities.
  • Weapon. Blades, swords, sabers and guns - it's all now available in this version of the game.
  • Cards. Cards in the game are generated, considering a variety of game landscapes.
  • Enemy. The army of your enemies occur around the perimeter, so define rather with a strategy in the Cossacks game 3, download torrent you can free now.

Year: 2016
Developer: GSC Game World
Publisher: GSC Game World
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 1.52 GB

  • OS: Windows XP / 7/8/10
  • CPU: Intel® Core 2 DUO 1,6 GHz / AMD 3000+
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Video: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 / ATI Radeon HD 2600 Pro 256MB / Intel HD3000
  • Sound device: compatible with DirectX 9.0s
  • Space: 7 GB

Cossacks 3 Screenshots:

Cossacks 3 screenshot Cossacks 3 screenshot Cossacks 3 screenshot Cossacks 3 screenshot Cossacks 3 screenshot Cossacks 3 screenshot

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