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Cossacks the last argument of kings

European states were afraid in wars. Only now the developers from Ukraine made the main emphasis on the battle between Ukraine and the Russian Empire. Two centuries covers this game project, where you can see real warriors who selflessly and mercilessly destroy all their enemies. The seventeenth and eighteenth centuries are affected in the game. You will see cavaliers, real Cossacks, Gusarov and Kirassirov, who will come into battle with their enemies.

The weapon presented in the game can be constantly pumping down the entire gameplay. In the game Cossacks the last argument of kings, download torrent which is possible for free from our game server, you will see bayonets, swords, sabers and even heavy guns will be available. To start choose yourself a country. You can also choose Austria, Prussia and even France.

Plot games

To move towards victory, you need to first decide with your tactics and strategy, choose a power, and then start a thirty-year war. Each gaming nation has its own unique military units that will need to constantly develop. Resources that you will be mined will need to save to then use them for the production of soldiers and provisions. In the game there is a regime of fatigue, so you don't need to lose your warrior. The number of your army will grow if you will produce as much as possible soldiers. To do this, you will need to build barracks and barracks. Do not forget about the local population, which will produce you useful resources, including wood, coal and iron. Each nation has its heavy artillery and fleet. The entire game card is divided into separate sectors that you must expand along the right game. Also, there are two new factions in the game that have a unique soldier at their disposal - these are Musketeers who deftly own not only cold weapons, they will also easily be able to throw grants enemy territories.


Immediately several game campaigns are presented in the game. You can participate in the liberation Ukrainian war, you can see military conflicts between Russia and Turkey, even on the side of England you have the opportunity to play. So work will be a lot, you must also constantly equip your gaming sector, because the enemy will constantly attack you from all sides. Download Cossacks The last argument of kings through the torrent you can absolutely free on our game portal. The game has significantly increased the size of the game cards, so you can now choose a large plot and territory and there is an opportunity to produce even more military units. But the main thing is to get and smoke game resources.

Interesting moments

This version has six new buildings that can be positioned on your territory. Defensive buildings can be created in unlimited quantities, but for this, rationally distribute the resources produced by you. Take part in a large-scale war throughout Europe that historical era!

Cossack features The last argument of kings

  • Military equipment. In this version you can use marine frigates and battleships. Six kinds of ships are represented at once in this game supplement.
  • Mission. Any game mission can be passed in different difficulty modes.
  • Covenants and alliances. In the game you will be able to conclude peaceful agreements with other powers, so unite and capture enemy territory together.
  • Game editor. With this editor, you yourself will be able to create maps and locations, so that all in your hands.

Year: 2001
Developer: GSC Game World
Publisher: RUSSOBIT-M
Crack: Include
Download Size: 0.712 GB

  • OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10
  • CPU: P3-500
  • Memory: 256MB
  • Video: Compatible S DirectX Video Map 1 MB. Attention! Mandatory requirement for running the game, is the support of your 1024x768 permission monitor. If your monitor does not support the resolution of 1024x768, but only lower permissions, then the Cossacks will not start
  • Sound: Compatible S DirectX
  • Space: To install and correct operation of the game, you will need 400MB

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Cossacks The Last Argument Of Kings screenshot Cossacks The Last Argument Of Kings screenshot Cossacks The Last Argument Of Kings screenshot Cossacks The Last Argument Of Kings screenshot Cossacks The Last Argument Of Kings screenshot Cossacks The Last Argument Of Kings screenshot

1. Mount the image and install.
2. Enter the key from the Serial file.TXT when you need a game.
3. Play.

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