Counter Strike Source V34 Download PC Game

Counter Strike Source V34

Fans of the multiplayer online shooter from the first person can already be happy to be rejected by new additions and actually cool missions. In this version, developers attempted to fix all game errors as much as possible. And it turned out. You will have a new gaming shooter, where everything has been fixed, and it also looks that all game nuances have been worked out, so that such a deadly game brought the user who likes to shoot, destroy and explode, maximum adrenaline from the game process.

The game itself is not buggy itself, because the developers tried to create another cool game masterpiece once again. The scale of cards is impressive in the game, now terrorists can so much about the main thing - if only they would not have broken them. In the game Counter Strike Source V34, you can download torrent for free on our game portal, you will see a new weapon, the secrecy of which you will appreciate the outcome of the game!

Story line

Initially, as in any addition to the game, you must pass the learning mode, because this game project allows you to successfully earn play glasses to then use them to implement your conceived gaming missions. Before mining the objects of terrorists, you must consult with your potential allies in the game, then your game mission will definitely completed with a positive outcome. In the new version of the game you will see a smooth rebirth of your players for subsequent game stages. There is another innovation in the gameplay, when you yourself can choose a frightening equipment for your best hero. Textures of the game, cards, behavior of your special forces, for whom you are so rayano play - it's all undergoing game modifications. From this process game was not injured. Now even with great enthusiasm you can destroy the objects selected on the game map.


More missions you do - more bonus glasses will be able to earn. But only remember that the network mode is closely intertwined with a single campaign, so you will need to get as much weapons as possible to prove that this version of the game is the best. How the player is waiting for inexperienced newcomers and users with whom will need to conduct a dialogue in the course of this game. But download Counter Strike Source V34 through torrent you can free by visiting our free game site. Terrorists can act as you like in the game - they can lay a bomb in any location. Your task, like an honest and best fighter - to find a bomb, to neutralize it and bring the best moments to the game while the game demons could have conquered your locations. A very cool version that is intertwined with another addition, or rather with another version of the game, which will be discussed further in the game review.

Epilogy game

Each new location in this updated version is a factory, a factory that captured terrorist groups. Your main task in the game is the destruction of important, but dangerous objects - and most importantly - this is the salvation of the hostages, which were in Kappan!

Features Counter Strike Source V34

  • Specnas and terrorists. In this version of the game you can influence different situations, meaning gaming moments. You can immediately go to the side of the terrorists, study the cards, and then you can search for the allies that will help you oppose your opponents in every way.
  • New Physical Game Engine. From this game has become much better, because the developers specifically developed new improvements in the game process of such an unusual game.

Year: 2008
Developer: Turtle Rock Studios Valve Corporation
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 1.71 GB

  • CPU with clock frequency not lower than 1500 MHz;
  • 512 MB of RAM;
  • Compatible S DirectX 8 Video with 128 MB of RAM;
  • OS Windows XP / VISTA / 7/8/10
  • Occupied Space 4.5 g

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