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Crisis 3

Crisis 3 is a stunning first-person shooter, the development of which became known in April 2012. The main characters of the game are: the Prophet - the protagonist, whose name is Lawrence Burns, before he was the chapter in the detachment "Predator". Psycho-Michael Sykes - a special forces from America, as well as the Briton by origin, which was in the "Predator" detachment with Nomad; Claire Fontanka - Former Medispert with.E.L.L., consisting of the enemies of the Dictatorship of the Corporation and was its coordinator; Karl Rush - was one of the Creteers of the Nalocapus.


Events in the game transfers gameimer in 2047. One of the powerful and strong corporations "with.E.L.L."Looks at New York to a large dome in order to supposedly clean the city from aliens. In the presented game project, you will have to become a "prophet", a soldier in a high-tech nanocondu, revealing the plans of the corporation and seeking to seize alien technologies and enslave the entire planet. In the meantime, we recommend that you crisis 3 download torrent on our video game video game.

Game process

Fascinating Crysis 3 game again continues the famous series of Crytek shooters. Events occur in 2047, where you need to act as a prophet. This time he returns back to New York, where he learns that the city is under the NanoDome dome, which was created by the corporation with.E.L.L. The population is reported that NanoDome is needed to protect them and clean the metropolis from the last cefon, but in fact, its construction is part of the secret operation for the seizure of technologies for the sake of world domination. After you wear an improved nanocons, arm yourself with a deadly bow and destructive alien technologies, the Prophet will need to prevent insidious plans with.E.L.L. and kill the remaining aliens.


In the presented part, the creators combined only the best elements of the previous parts, and also added nonlinearity in passing. As for the nanocosta, he acquired 3 new features in crisis 3. For example, the power mode has become permanent and no longer requires activation, but protection and disguise still remain activated. Also, the functions of a tactical visor were expanded in the game, and the opportunity to celebrate opponents, hack the technique and see the flight trajectory of the abandoned garnet. In addition, the game appeared the opportunity to modify the nanocondition by various modules. Developers added new types of weapons, among which the "predator" bow with various types of arrows. Multiplayer affected changes: A new type of cephalopod appeared as a game character - "Krikun" of huge sizes; And among other things, a new mode was introduced - "HUNTER MODE", where two hunters in the onions with bows need to kill 14 armed men. In order to get acquainted with updates, we recommend that you download the game crisis 3 through torrent on our wonderful site.

Features Crisis 3

  • In the game you are waiting for whole seven wonders of urban jungle. This time, New York covers with huge nanocupol, and turned into unique jungle with seven different habitats.
  • In crisis 3 you have to manage the "sandbox" and turn it into your own hunting z1.
  • Analysis, adaptation and attack. Now the developers have prepared more open levels for you on which gamers will be able to choose their way and personal style game.
  • Improved nanocapus will give you the opportunity to apply a rough strength or disguise, all the time presenting the gamer the possibility of choosing different options.
  • You are waiting for the largest and explosive arsenal in the history of the game project. In addition to the arsenal of firearms, in crisis 3 you will get an excellent opportunity to choose aliens weapons and applying new onions.

Year: 2015
Developer: Crytek Crytek UK
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Crack: Included (ChristSnatcher)
Download Size: 8.55 GB

  • OS: Windows Vista / 7/8/10
  • CPU: Intel Core2 Duo 2.4 ghz and better
  • Memory: 2 GB
  • Video: NVIDIA GTS 450 / AMD Radeon HD5770 or better
  • DirectX: eleven
  • Space: 12 GB

Crisis 3 Screenshots:

Crisis 3 screenshot Crisis 3 screenshot Crisis 3 screenshot Crisis 3 screenshot Crisis 3 screenshot Crisis 3 screenshot

Action, Shooters

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