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Cross of the Dutchman Cross of the Dutchman is a game of an adventure action genre based on the real folk history about the famous Pierrat Pierre Gloofs Donia. The game was developed by Triangle Studios in 2015 and is the first game of the company released on PC. CROSS OF THE DUTCHMAN DOWNLOAD TORRENT FIRSTORY BEGINNED IN MEDIUM Eastern Europe in the province of Friezia, closer to the end of the 16th century. Despite the fact that Pierre and his family live in peace and tranquility, the world around them began to change for the worse.

The legions of the Caxonsers began to invade the village coming to the province, making people life worse and worse. In one terrible day, the will of Fate, Pierre turns out to be involved in the fate of the fate and faces the succons. During the clash, Pierre remains alive, but as a result makes it only worse. Events of this adventure action game tell us about how Pierre will have to collect a small gang from local farmers and form a whole front against evil invaders in the face of the Caxon. Not only farmers from the nearest villages are drawn to the local war, but also the Pierre family, which makes him stand at the head of his "small" troops, armed with fear for his lives, forks and a sense of debt in front of her earth and families. Trying to protect what they are expensive and to defend the right to their lives and land, the "army" Pirate Pirate enters the battle, against well-trained Saxon soldiers. Much later, the events described above will enter the story as the legend of "Cross of the Dutchman" or in a free translation into Russian "Breeding of Netherlands". Download Cross of The Dutchman Torrent can be right here in the form of a small adventure action player, RPG (Role Playing Game) and real-time strategies. Driving the player will be Pierre himself, and under the command of the main character, there will be the above-described farmers from the nearest lands. The combat system is quite simple and understandable to every1. Namely - you click on the button, you hit the blow. Players have to personally build the defense of the province of physics, removing various buildings. At the disposal of the player, there will be various buildings from the gunsmith shops and Bronnik, where it will be possible to improve equipment or better equip farmers, which will also take part in protecting the province, to protective structures, such as clock towers and stakes from stakes that will apply significant damage or slow down the enemy army. Well, download Cross of the dutchman through torrent can be on our website.

Features Cross of the Dutchman

* Dynamic gameplay. At your disposal will be a real historical person - Pierre Gloofs Donia. Under his command, there will be only farmers, but with your help, Pierre will be able to turn ordinary peasants in real warriors! * The plot exactly describes the actual existing folk legend, based on historical events, how Pirate Pierre Gloofs Donia rallied the strength of the peasants and stood up on the defense of his home home - Friezia Province * Light and clear, but nevertheless an extended combat system "Hack -and-slash "in which elements of the strategy that takes the type of strategically important defensive buildings and the right arrangement of their" small "troops. * The game is a real breakthrough for the Triangle Studios studio and even before its release, I received very positive feedback, both critics and gamerskom community. * Soundder with her painfulness, immerses the player in the world of medieval Europe, which creates greater atmosphericness of what is happening and brings even more pleasure from the game.

Year: 2015
Developer: Triangle Studios
Publisher: Triangle Studios
Crack: Ali213
Download Size: 0.903 GB

& # 9632; OS: Windows Vista / 7/8/10
& # 9632; CPU: Core 2 Duo
& # 9632; Memory: 2 GB
& # 9632; Video: NVIDIA GeForce 8600 or Better
& # 9632; Sound: Compatible S DirectX 9.0c
& # 9632;
Space: 1.5 GB

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