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Crysis 3

The legendary warrior on nicknamed the Prophet returns to the largest American metropolis, so that there again fight with cunning alien creatures. You will fall in a distant future, when one powerful corporation decided to build a huge dome in the city, which, in their opinion, is able to protect the population from the attacks of extraterrestrial civilizations. But in fact, this dome will serve as gates through which the aliens will penetrate the city to destroy all the living around and develop their space technologies there.

But your hero is an experienced warrior who will put his improved nano protective suit, take its magic onion and starts to exterminate new dangerous enemies in the face of aliens. In the game Crysis 3, download torrent which is possible only on our website, you must destroy not only aliens, but also to destroy the plans of the mysterious corporation. Your character has its alien technologies.

Game Fabul

So, your prophet arrived on the territory of the metropolis, and sees that a huge dome is designed not to save lives, but to destroy all the lives around. The American city is divided into several territories, the powerful members of the Corporation took control of each of which. In this new version of the game, famous developers upgraded the bow of your hero, as well as its protective armor, is able to increase the speed of movement of the hero, and he can help the prophet in the near battle. In addition, you can select a new high-tech weapon with the aliens destroyed by you. Huge game world and new missions are waiting for the user. You will constantly pump your protective armor, and upgrade the powerful onion of the hero. Use prompts in interactive game mode. Act resolutely, but at the same time, very neat. The success of the entire game campaign will depend on the solutions.

Mechanics of the game

In this version, you can choose your own gameplay yourself, identify your tactical and strategic plans and join new contractions with insidious alien creatures. In the Crysis 3 game, download torrent from whose can every user visiting our free portal, you can significantly increase the combat abilities of your main character. In this game repack you will see amazing visual effects. You can see even more battles, and the combat characteristics of your warrior are really impressive. You can quickly learn how to manage your hero, the speed of movement of which has increased significantly due to an advanced new protective suit.


Your upgraded bow now will now hide in your opponents. In the third version of the game you can still destroy villains and destroy the technological dome, which is able to destroy the life of a large megalpolis.

Features Crysis 3

  • Huge dome. This construction will need to be destroyed in the final gaming stage. But members of the powerful corporation control it, so it will be difficult to get to it. But also such a mission is able to perform your character.
  • Weapons of aliens. Killing a cunning enemy, you will be able to make yourself at the disposal of cosmic blarses. So destroy as many aliens as possible.
  • Camouflage. Your hero with his costume can be invisible to the enemy. He can skillfully mask himself on any game locations.
  • Bonus system. For each aliens destroyed, you will receive both play glasses, and you can also improve the game experience experience.

Year: 2013
Developer: Crytek Crytek UK
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Crack: Included (ChristSnatcher)
Download Size: 8.55 GB

  • OS: Windows Vista / 7 // 10
  • CPU: Intel Core2 Duo 2.4 ghz and better
  • Memory: 2 GB
  • Video: NVIDIA GTS 450 / AMD Radeon HD5770 or better
  • DirectX: eleven
  • Space: 12 GB

Crysis 3 Screenshots:

Crysis 3 screenshot Crysis 3 screenshot Crysis 3 screenshot Crysis 3 screenshot Crysis 3 screenshot Crysis 3 screenshot


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