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Dark Souls 2

This time, the studio developers fromoftware give you a stunning game project called Dark Souls 2 - this is the most long-awaited continuation of the most sensory hit 2011 - Dark Souls Games. This unique game of the old school, conquered gamers worldwide. Here you are waiting for the most difficult tests and an incredible sense of satisfaction. Dark Souls 2 introduces the traditional high level of complexity and innovative gameplay, not only in single-user, but also in a collective game.

You have to start a journey in which you are waiting for invincible opponents, scary traps and irresistible dangers. If you are ready for such trials, we recommend you Dark Souls 2 download torrent on our video game video game.


Well, moving directly to the plot. The storyline is connected with the previous history directly, but most things refer to it indirectly. For example, it is possible that all the kingdom of the Dranglik, where the main character comes to get rid of heavy nosha, quickly built on the ruins of Lordrane, where Dark Souls events unfolded. It is worth noting that this time the story is not particularly detailed, most of the parts of the gamers need to speculate on their own. Download Dark Souls 2 Through the torrent on our website by reference below it is worth all the fans of gloomy, mysterious RPG.

Game process

A new character appeared in the presented game project, there is a new story and a breathtaking world for research. This time, the developers of the studio fromsoftware prepared for you the most difficult tests and an incredible sense of satisfaction. Dark Souls 2 introduces traditional for a series high level of complexity and innovative gameplay, which, of course, can not but rejoice.

Features Dark Souls 2

  • In Dark Souls 2 The atmosphere is thought out to the smallest details. As for visual and sound effects, which can be bolden by special effects, immerse the gamer in the incredible history of this world with head. Briefly speaking, a flurry of a variety of emotions is provided to you.
  • Opponents in the game are also dangerous, but now they have become even more. You have to get together forces and prepare for the most fierce dynamic fights with the most different enemies. By the way, every next battle is not like the previous 1. In almost all locations, strong, healthy bosses will be raised.
  • Very pleased that the combat system is significantly reworked, which is insanely happy. The characteristics of the character became much wider - the gameplay provides for a variety of combinations, allowing to cope with opponents most effectively. Also very attracts new RPG and intuitive management.
  • I am glad that the gameplay has become incredibly flexible. Here, players are allowed to configure all the abilities, skills and uniforms of the hero. It is for this purpose that an impressive set of tools is provided. The result of all this is that everyone can create their own unique, unique hero.
  • In Dark Souls 2 completely revised multiplayer mode. Now players interact with others even more actively. All battles with real heroes contribute to the presented game project even more emotions. At the same time, other players will be able to play the role of assistants (cooperative) or compete with rivals. Try not to miss the opportunity to enjoy a breathtaking multiplayer game.

Year: 2015
Publisher: Namco Bandai Games
Crack: Included (3DM)
Download Size: 7.17 GB

  • OS: Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8, Windows 10 (64 BIT)
  • CPU: AMD® A8 3870 3.6 GHz or Intel® Core ™ i3 2100 3.1Ghz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Video: NVIDIA® GeForce GTX 465 / ATI Radeon TM HD 6870
  • Sound: Sound device compatible with
    DirectX® 11
  • Space: 19 GB

Dark Souls 2 Screenshots:

Dark Souls 2 screenshot Dark Souls 2 screenshot Dark Souls 2 screenshot Dark Souls 2 screenshot Dark Souls 2 screenshot Dark Souls 2 screenshot

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