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Day R Survival on PC

Day R Survival on PC (Dei R Survival) is a game for survival in the world of nuclear postpocalypse on a realistic map of Soviet territory. Play without internet! Ideal for missions, creating objects and weapons. Build your shelter in the multiplayer RPG Day R Survival, explore the radioactive wasteland and find out the causes of the nuclear attack. The world survived the Great Apocalypse caused by military conflicts.

The entire territory of the CIS has turned into a barren wastewall filled with bandits, monsters, gangsters and killers. Now you have to survive in this world, find its place in it, stock up with resources and useful items to survive the next day, as well as download the dee r premium latest version. Can you survive in the world where a nuclear explosion occurred? Get ready for a real hardcore game for survival post-core of the Soviet Union more difficult than it seems! Survive the end of the world seems fun compared to this. This is a real test, even in quarantine mode. Day R Survival download on the PC you can already now on the button below.

Feel yourself with a real stalker and experience hardcore survival in "As in life". Radiation, hunger and disease surround you everywhere. Your goal is to cross the country and save your family. Who knows whether they are alive? Or you were infected with radiation and dangerous virus? Discover the secrets of the end of the world in the game for survival and return your lost memories of traveling through the vast territory of the Soviet Union in the 80s. Visually project implemented above all praise. Although the main schedule is made simple, but visually in a complex way, which fully corresponds to the main features of the project. It is worth noting the images related to dialogs. Many of them draw artists from scratch, especially for this game. Traveling in places, accumulating resources, faced with monsters, you are more and more immersed in the game until you feel that you really believe in what is happening. In other words, for the atmosphere, this application is performed at a professional level. It is easy to survive after the end of the world. You are waiting for real hungry games! But for the beginning you will have Day R Survival Premium download torrent on PC. Monsters, animals, thirst, countless diseases and injuries, bloodthirsty enemies - all this needs to be overcome to save your life in a survival game. You will help create weapons and all resources.

Hard survival game! Hunger, radiation, thirst, injuries, diseases will not let you relax. Live world. Change of seasons, monsters, animals, huge map of the Soviet Union with 2,700 unique cities. Check in animals, but be careful: here even rats can cause serious wounds! Many options. Kraft and hundreds of circuits for him, many types of equipment. People and stories. Missions, allies are experts. Open world game. Pump., forging, chemistry and much more. Cooperative. RPG is online mode for chat, flocks and joint battles. Find out about it in Multiplayer. Your hero is in an unusual place that reminds the old abandoned lighthouse. Gradually, he begins to remember what happened, trying to create a picture of what happened. He remembers that he had a family and a house in Vladivostok. Now everything that remains from the guards is dirty clothes and paper gods. You need to constantly travel, try to cope with difficult conditions, learn to control all activities. It will be easier for you if you decide to download the hacking day r survival on PC. Natively abandoned houses and asylum. Find a weapon and build transport from undergraduate materials. Remember all your lessons in chemistry and physics! This is the most realistic survival game! War never changes. The struggle against terrorism failed, and in 1985 the Soviet Union was attacked by an unknown enemy. In a few days, the whole country turned into a radioactive wasteland - now violence, hunger and illness, government, city of death, but no sleeping enemies.

Features Day R Survival on PC

  • You can collect resources, find useful items and create weapons!
  • Strong hardcore survival simulator.
  • Travel on the map in multiplayer mode.
  • Choose the level of complexity: sandbox, as in life, or RPG puzzle.

Year: 2021
Developer: tltgames
Publisher: tltgames
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 1.03 GB

  • Windows Vista / 7/8/8.1/10/11 (x64)
  • CPU: Intel or AMD
  • Memory: at least 2GB RAM (2GB free disk space is not a replacement RAM)
  • HDD: 4GB disk space

Day R Survival on PC Screenshots:

Day R Survival screenshot Day R Survival screenshot Day R Survival screenshot Day R Survival screenshot Day R Survival screenshot Day R Survival screenshot

1. Download and install the application by button to download.
2. In the search for applications, enter Day R Survival, find the game and install.
3. After installing the installation, click on Day R Survival icon in the "My Applications" section.
4. Now you can play Day R Survival on PC.

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Open world, Action, Survival, RPG, Adventure

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