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Fascinating Quest Game Claimed Sony Computer Entertainment. The main heroine of the quest -Kar, she is an android with a powerful artificial intelligence. Kare manages to escape from the laboratory in which it was created. Now the robot girl is trying to find his place in this life and for it she will have to fight, because people still consider Androids by insensible machines capable of maintaining comfortable conditions for a person.

Society is not yet able to accept a punishment, she is alien to them. Can Android Kara find yourself and be happy? If you are interested in the answer to this question, and you want to help the girl you need to go to the game Detroit: Become Human, download torrent to a PC and now you can help the main heroine and find out whether it can survive behind the walls of the Android factory walls. But, do not forget, now only from you depends on how the plot of the game will develop, and in what conditions will be a car. One incorrect movement and heroine is already threatened with a deadly danger. Calculate each of your step, because you can only help the girl android to become happy, and also you can prove to mankind that androids are not insensitive cars, and they also have feelings.

The game will take place in the near future when commercially available android robotics are almost indistinguishable from people. Android should implicitly adhere to his owners, but some of them become "deviant" on their own will as a result of a program error. During Detroit, the player consistently controls three android heroes, each of which has its own history: the servant of Kara protects a small girl, a police complex that deducts harmful androids, and Bun Marcus is trying to free relatives from slavery. The nonlinear plot line of the game contains many options and forks, and solutions of players during dialogues and QTE will be reflected in the report.

The game received a high assessment of the press: Observers compared the game with Blade Runner and other similar iconic work, noting detailed settings and realistic game graphics, actors' games and the influence of the choice of players for the plot. At the same time, many critics, despite their scale, believed the manuscript weak and in many places relevant, as well as the analogies of slavery and discrimination in real history of concern and more capable to cause embarrassment than sympathy. Detroit: Become Human has become the most commercially successful game Quantic Dream; By the end of 2018, 2 million units were sold. You wonder what's next you expect in the game? Then you just need a Detroit Become Human to download the Xattab torrent on the PC on the link below. In the near future, in 2038, the production of android robots created by Cyberlife to meet the diverse needs of people will be a complete move on Earth. The founder of the company and the creator of Android is Ilya Kamsky.

Global problems on Earth are aggravated: the population of the Earth is 10 billion, resources are depleted, which leads to war between Russia and the United States for their Arctic remains. Gaming events are held in the city of Detroit. In the game three chips: Kara, Markus and Connor. Cara (Valory Carrie) is an Android model AH-400 for Android, which is deprived of the cruelty of her owner Todda (Dominica Gould). Marcus (Jesse Williams) becomes commander of a local resistance base in Jericho. Connor (Brian Descarter) is a prototype of a company that seeks to fight "deviations", but he can become one of them during the game. Violations are Androids that break the software, forcing them to start experiencing emotions, and they also have their own will as a person. About how androids become people you can find out in this game. And for a start, you need Detroit Beck Huhun on the PC download torrent one of the links below.

Kara, the maid of Android Todd Williams and her daughter Alice, runs away with her when Todd attacks them and becomes abnormal. Both passengers travel through Detroit to get to Canada, where there are no Android laws and where they are safe. Kara and Alice became friends with another Luther on Android, who joined them along the way. They seek the help of Android, which advises them to look for Jericho, where they can find passports to help them cross the Canadian border. They are in different situations that can lead to the death of Luther, Kara and Alice. Kare also say that Alice is actually an android, replacing the daughter, kidnapped wife Todd. They can come to Canada by bus or boat, survive in the recycling center or die, wherever they tried.

Guard Android Markus and its owners return home to report an estimated theft into the police. In a collision with the criminal, Marcus is bypassing its software and, thus, it becomes an abnormal android with complete autonomy, as a result of which the police shoot it upon arrival. Marcus wakes up at the dump of broken androids and, running out from there, finds a crash in Jericho and asylum for the same anomalies. There Marcus unites others to fight for their rights. They commit a number of actions that are disobedient to citizens who attract public attention and are increasingly attracting android. It is completed by the FBI attack on Jericho. If Jericho is surviving, Marcus and others organize a final procession, or as a result of war, or because of the biases that have achieved a peace agreement with the president. And that's not it. In the game Detroit to become a person can be a few endings, each of which is good.

Cyberlife sent Android police investigator, Connor to help the police-alcoholic police Hanku Anderson, who hates android. When deviations occur, they either become friends or hate each other, which can lead to Hank suicide. Handing behind Markus, Connor begins to doubt the validity of the rules that he must follow, but at the same time he can still decide to remain like it has been programmed. In the end he finds Jericho, where he himself can become anomalous. If this happens, he will invade Cyberlife Tower and turns all Android into deviations. If not, he is trying to kill Marcus during his last demonstration, but stops with a special team.

Year: 2019
Developer: Quantic Dream
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 34.71 GB

  • OS: Windows 10 (64 bits);
  • CPU: Intel Core i7-3770 (3.4 GHz) or AMD FX-8350 (4.2 GHz);
  • Memory: 8 GB;
  • Video: Nvidia GeForce GTX 780 or AMD Radeon HD 7950;
  • Volume VRAM: 3 GB and more.

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Detroit Become Human screenshot Detroit Become Human screenshot Detroit Become Human screenshot Detroit Become Human screenshot Detroit Become Human screenshot Detroit Become Human screenshot

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