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Diablo 2 Underworld

To get into the lair demons of the night and destroy them - it is very difficult, but fulfilling the task, especially since you will play for your familiar characters in this new add-on role-playing game from the Diablo series. You look at a new way to the world of the dead, because now all the game events will take place deep in slums and underground dark labyrinths, where they focused their core strength your potential rivals on the game.

New quests and new cunning enemies - and the process of the game is accompanied by mysterious and mysterious music. Meet a new addition to new underground locations.

Plot games

Evil now hurt deeply underground, and therefore you will not see battles on the surface of the earth. So choose new heroes and go to the underground kingdom, where new demons and monsters are waiting for your arrival. Having entered the dungeon, you will start your gameplay with the search for artifacts and weapons, because you are still an inexperienced warrior, you need to gain a gaming experience. By choosing a hero of the already famous, you start the battle underground. The atmosphere of the game is intense, because on you from behind the corner, the rivals may unexpected. At the end of each underground tunnel, you are waiting for a meeting with a new demonic boss that you need to win.

Mechanics of the game game

After you successfully pass the dungeon and destroy the boss and its minions, you will open additional missions in the form of quests, where you can get a lot of valuable and sacred relics for scolding the combat and magical abilities of your warriors. Each individual quest is an opportunity to increase your fighter's experience. Next you must learn the combat abilities of your selected heroes. Diablo 2 Underworld game, download torrent which every visitor of our free site, a little gloomy, but still interesting, given the unusual underground locations with the crowds of bloodthirsty dischads of hell.

Gaming nuances

It is interesting to know that your selected characters can turn into a variety of heroes. For example, a wizard and a sorceress can easily turn into a bear, as well as other role-playing heroes!

Features Diablo 2 Underworld

  • How to defeat the enemy? Needed during the game to study magic, and especially spells that you will constantly apply against your enemies. Monk, Druid, Barbarian - these are the top best warrior.
  • Skills. You can use weapons, and in hand-to-hand you can also go. Use swords and blades, any weapon.

Year: 2005
Developer: Blizzard North
Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 2.57 GB

  • OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10
  • CPU: 233 MHz+
  • Memory: 32 MB+
  • Videoadapter: DirectX-Compatible Video

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Diablo 2 Underworld screenshot Diablo 2 Underworld screenshot Diablo 2 Underworld screenshot Diablo 2 Underworld screenshot Diablo 2 Underworld screenshot Diablo 2 Underworld screenshot

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