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Dinkum is a new life simulator. Get ready for a new honest life in dinkum and build a home on a wild Australian island inspired by the outback. Explore tropical eucalyptus forests, discover hungry deserts, relax in cool billabongs and discover the quirky wilds of Australia. Collect valuable resources for hunting, mining, fishing, and food extraction to expand and improve your city and attract new residents and entrepreneurs. Share your home with your friends and protect each other as you explore beautiful landscapes with dangerous predators.

Dinkum download torrent free from the mechanics you can right now. Start sleeping in a luxurious home under the stars and turn into a big city with farms, businesses, and attractions. In the end, they attract visitors who may decide to stay and also make the place their home. Surprise your neighbors by decorating your town with flowerbeds, street lamps, windmills, fences and hedges, gorgeous fountains and even beehives with bees. The happier the town's residents, the more likely their population will grow and the stores will get new rare goods.

Delight your neighbors by decorating your city with fences, flower beds, street lamps, beehives, windmills, hedges, fountains, and more. The happier the citizens, the more chances they have to settle down, bring their families and open stores with unique goods. The island has unique minerals and insects, which can be collected for your personal collection or put on display in exchange for money. You can breed pets: chickens, hens, cows, sheep, Grow crops in your settlement or all over the island by choosing the right area to plant. Scare away wild animals with weapons, traps and survival skills. Invite your friends to visit your city, where they can help you build buildings, shop in their stores, fish, compete with emus, fight crocodiles, and more! Relaxation project will take you to a peaceful world away from the hustle, bustle and problems. Now you can download dinkum torrent from our site and dive off in search of a place previously unknown. Hit the road and move freely between neighborhoods. Visit eucalyptus forests, a blazing desert, and relax in a pond. Explore places with useful materials and decorations that will come in handy later. The island's landscape is inspired by the lowlands of Australia, so always be vigilant: predators hide in the thickets or watch from the lake. The island is rich in insects, fish and minerals. Pick up thongs and find them all for your museum collection or sell them for a small profit! In the meantime, you will have to Dinkum download torrent latest version.

Care for and raise chickens, cows, and sheep, as well as the famous giant dinkum wombats! Wombats may look scary at first glance, but they're actually real lovers. Grow crops for your city all over the island, choosing the best locations for each species. Not only do the seasons change, but the temperature changes depending on where you are on the island. Hunt animals for sustenance and defend yourself against deadly predators who are just as hungry as you are. These canes may seem friendly, but they're striking! Attack the creatures head-on or attack them with traps, it's up to you to survive. Customize your dinkum character to be the true blue version. Buy those shiny sunglasses or the wide-brimmed Akubra hat in the store, or search for rare items while walking around outside and chatting with other townsfolk. Make your home your own cozy place to live. Create a huge selection of furniture and decorations, choose where everything goes, and invite your friends to present your interior design.

Year: 2022
Developer: James Bendon
Publisher: James Bendon
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 0.441 Gb

  • OS: Windows 7, 8, 10, 11
  • CPU: Intel Core i3
  • Memory: 4 GB
  • VideoNVIDIA GTX 560 / AMD Radeon HD 6970
  • Space: 1 GB

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RPG, Adventure, Simulation

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