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The release of this new game slashare took place quite recently, and now in this latter at this moment the version of the game you will get acquainted with a completely new hero, whose name is Nero. You have already been familiar to the past parts of the game with Dante, a real hunter and a fighter of all the unclean and demonic forces. Now it's time for the new hero to be to protect one fictional town, where the events of such an exciting and bloody action will unfold.


Demons are trying to penetrate and absorb the fictional city under the interesting name of Fortune. You are the nephew of Dante, and now together will begin the hunt for a crazy demon and a monster, which threatens to completely enslave the whole city and turn it into the kingdom of the dead. Naturally, for the extermination of demons, you will need a weapon that has now become much upgraded compared to the previous series of the game. Chick right and left - this is your main and corona mission. Hand in hand and shoulder to shoulder You will exterminate demonic forces with incredible and cruel ways. The main demon and his minions prepared for you a lot of new tricks, so tune in to a serious confrontation in the game. Demons need to exterminate until they captured such a quiet town.


In the gaming process itself, small, but significant changes occurred. You will not only chop your opponents using your incredible hunting abilities, but also will also see a very pleasant detailed schedule. In the game DMC 5, download torrent you can free and without restrictions from our popular site, you will have to resort to new tricks to totally destroy the whole demonic evil. Gameplay is built on larger battles against evacuations from hell. Fascinating gameplay is waiting for you, gamer.Choose to taste weapons for hunting for demons, and still take a look carefully to the world around. There you can find a lot of useful items for yourself and your heroes to combat the demon!

Features DMC 5

  • Open world. In this fictional city, you will see absolutely new game locations for passing, and it looks very decent and impressive.
  • Characters. To two protagonists will also add a cunning hellgy demon, which will be difficult to win al1.
  • Command. Uncle and nephew are real hunters whose skills you should learn in the course of the game.

Year: 2019
Developer: Capcom Co Ltd
Publisher: Capcom Co Ltd
Crack: Included (Codex)
Download Size: 29.89 GB

  • OS: Windows 7 / 8/10 (64-bit Required)
  • CPU: Intel® Core ™ i7-4770 3.4Ghz or Better
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Video: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX760 OR BETTER
  • DirectX: Versions 11
  • Space: 35 GB

DMC 5 Screenshots:

Dmc 5 screenshot Dmc 5 screenshot Dmc 5 screenshot Dmc 5 screenshot Dmc 5 screenshot

Open world, Action, 2019

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