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If you are a fan of science fiction games, then you have definitely come to our site, because we offer you an unusual game project, that has been already released and aroused a furor among the users. This is a unique game that will tell the story of an unusual character, who in an unknown way got to a generally unexplored planet, making sure that now he will face all the dangers of a wild planet alone. In this role-playing game you will control an unusual hero. This is a representative of the Earth civilization, who traveled through the galaxies with his crew, but somehow he woke up on a planet alien to him, which is teeming with unusual and enormous creatures.

As it turns out, your hero was traversing the planets of the galaxy with the members of the scientific expedition, but after the crash, he was left alone on the planet, and now begins his dangerous journey. The aim is one - to get out as soon as possible. The game Dolmen, download a torrent of which you can free on our gaming website, is full of new episodes that take place on the planet.

The plot

Revion Prime is the name of the planet you'll be exploring on your own. After a cryogenic sleep, which lasted a long time, you suddenly wake up and realize that all the members of your research mission have disappeared without a trace. Now it is up to you to fight your fears alone and try to get away from the planet, but treacherous creatures, which are unusual huge unknown creatures, will meet you unfriendly on the planet. You are wearing a protective suit, which you will need to upgrade, as well as a protective helmet. And you have a weapon to use. But you will have to study the mysterious planet thoroughly in order to get out of there. From time to time you will explore your spaceship to find valuable resources. You still need to find out what caused the crash and if it happened? After he wakes up from his nap, he begins to explore his comic ship. All protective gear must be constantly pumped up, because the evil bosses are ready to join your hero in battle. You will not have to wait for help, you will have to sort everything out on your own.

Game Mechanics

At first you'll be exploring on board your ship, and then you'll get the chance to escape to the surface of the planet to find the items you need. You have to be as protected as possible, because this planet is still unknown to you, so you must always keep an ear to the ground. Download Dolmen through a torrent is free on our gaming portal. During the game you will have to explore all the locations of the planet, but the final mission is a very serious test for your protagonist.The planet is inhabited by strange creatures with whom you will come into conflict. But first exploring all the locations, both the planet and your spaceship, upgrade your space equipment, and then successfully complete all the game locations and missions.

Dolmen Features

  • Hero. This is the astronaut who wakes up after a cryogenic sleep. How much time he spent in outer space, and why his entire crew perished.
  • Bosses. These are huge flying creatures that you will fight. You will have a weapon at your disposal, which you will have to upgrade by yourself.
  • Graphics. Very original graphical parameters of the game. Everything is very well thought out, considering that this is a scientifically popular role-playing game.

Year: 2022
Developer: Massive Work Studio
Publisher: Massive Work Studio
Crack: Included (FLT)
Download Size: 5.61 Gb

  • OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 10
  • CPU: Intel Core i5
  • Memory8 GB RAM
  • Video: GTX 860
  • Space: 15 GB

Dolmen screenshots:

Dolmen screenshot Dolmen screenshot Dolmen screenshot Dolmen screenshot Dolmen screenshot Dolmen screenshot

Action, RPG

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