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Don'T Tax Me, Bro!

This time we want to imagine a stunning game from the developers of Tibith, which is called DON'T ME, BRO! This project is a cheerful pixel 2D Ranner, where you will need to run away from the police officers to the procedurally generated world. In fact, the game with a huge speed is gaining its popularity, and all this is due to its simplicity and the presence of humor. Therefore, we strongly recommend DON'T ME, BRO!

download torrent for free on our website video games and evaluate it. Here you have to collect various coins and many other bonuses while running for opening new levels and various bonuses.


The plot of the game tells us that the police penetrated the police in the apartment of the secret agent. This situation made the owner of the housing urgently leave the house and escape the flight from persecution. Despite the fact that he fears for his life, he still has to continue movement, in spite of any obstacles, so as not to be in the hands of the police. I can interfere with the strike agent, I can almost all the items starting from various objects and ending with animals, tables, suitcases falling from the windows of the bottle and even meeting dogs and birds. Gradually, as a character passing through, it will meet various bonuses, allowing to facilitate the task of geimer. The number of the pursuer may change all the time, but obstacles interfere with both the agent and the police.

Game process

We all know that in this world it is best to get on the side of good. However, sometimes life itself forces an ordinary guy to become a criminal and run away from the police. And you should not immediately think about that such a bad thing in everything. In the presented game DON'T TAKH, BRO! The agent has become a slippery path of crime - he runs away from the police and does not want to pay a fine. The dogs, police and even gangsters will arrange chase. In short, the situations in the game will be very complex and even ambiguous. In general, the game is not bad, pixel art lovers will appreciate her. Here you can create the most insane things, and all this in order to escape from the pursuers.

Features Don't Tech Me, Bro!

  • In don't tach me, bro! You can manage only three buttons, and at the same time you can even run in the opposite direction.
  • In the game, the world is generated in a completely random way.
  • In the presented project you are waiting for crazy scurry.
  • There is also a local multiplayer for competitions with friends.

Year: 2017
Developer: Tibith
Publisher: Tibith
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 0.071 GB

  • OS: Windows XP SP3 + / Vista / 7/8/10
  • CPU: 1 Ghz
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Space: 100 MB

Don'T Tax Me, Bro! Screenshots:

Don'T Tax Me, Bro! screenshot Don'T Tax Me, Bro! screenshot Don'T Tax Me, Bro! screenshot Don'T Tax Me, Bro! screenshot Don'T Tax Me, Bro! screenshot Don'T Tax Me, Bro! screenshot

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