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Doorways: Holy Mountains of Flesh An unforgettable and colorful computer game, implemented as part of a fascinating series of games created in the frightening genre, atmospheric quest with Horror elements, and puzzles, which are drawn in the fictional, psychedelic world. It is important to notice that developers of this product became developers of independent Saibot Studios studios, which already have the glory of the "horrors" masters, conjugate with riddles, puzzles.

Therefore, if you would like to try out a similar product, and moreover, you have already played earlier in the past pieces of the series, then we strongly advise Doorways: Holy Mountains of Flesh, download torrent which is possible without problems and unnecessary difficulties from our site. So let's find out the key features of the game, let's try to figure out the weak and strengths of the product. First, visualization. Graphics in the game, of course, not the highest level, but also what is - is quite enough for a comfortable game, and to "frighten". Especially if you enable this game "Dark Dark Night", Nadev's headphones. It is worth noting that the game can boast a good lighting system (one of the most important parts of any "horror"), working out characters, high-quality surroundings, and animated effects. Especially in graphic plan, at the moment, this game is the best in the series. Therefore, if you have already had a dating experience with a series of doorways, then we recommend downloading Doorways: Holy Mountains of Flesh, through torrent for what you can use the unique abilities of our site. So let's talk about the advantages of the gameplay. Game, in general, remained unchanged - your character is still in a terrible place from which you must certainly get out. But in order to make it you will need time on the solution of puzzles, cutter, and secrecy in movements. As before, the plot is served in most cases through the "Diary Sheets", which are lying in secluded locations on locations. And if you have already definitely decided that this game will definitely find a place among your favorite games on your computer, then we advise the Doorways: Holy Mountains of Flesh, download torrent for what you do not need to even register! But, if you still doubt, then read a brief list of features, which will help you make the right choice:

Features Doorways: Holy Mountains of Flesh

• Not bad visualization. Despite the fact that the graphics of the game will not be able to boast of the same quality technologies, drawing, animation, like Aaaa games from titled studios, the visualization is enough to imbued with the gameplay, and plunge into the plot. But this is one of the most important tasks graphics. • Tense atmosphere. Throughout the game, the atmosphere of oppression, horror, which strains all the "soul fibers". Developers will not let you relax even in an externally safe place. In addition to this, such a feeling can increase with the help of "outbreaks" with a short animation of monsters, scremmeters, and hallucinations that visit our character. • Fascinating gameplay. But, the game is sharpened not under the "run, save, hiding" (although it is present here) from monsters, but the solution of non-standard puzzles, the fulfillment of quests and other elements of the game with logical tasks. • Unusual story. The plot of the game is narrated through the monologue of the main character, with the help of notes, which are scattered from locations in secluded places. This time, the hero will be in South America, where will investigate the loss of a small town that the nearest neighbors from another village are called "Will of the Gods".

Year: 2015
Developer: Saibot Studios
Publisher: Saibot Studios
Crack: Codex
Download Size: 4.39 GB

Doorways: Holy Mountains of Flesh SCREENSHOTS:

Doorways: Holy Mountains Of Flesh screenshot Doorways: Holy Mountains Of Flesh screenshot Doorways: Holy Mountains Of Flesh screenshot Doorways: Holy Mountains Of Flesh screenshot Doorways: Holy Mountains Of Flesh screenshot Doorways: Holy Mountains Of Flesh screenshot

Copy the contents of the folder "Codex" to the folder with the game installed, replace.

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