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Seek behind the steering wheel of the aircraft and experience the real sense of flight is everything possible if you pay attention to the next advanced air flight simulator. Long have not been to the cockpit or air liner? Then we recommend downloading Dovetail Games Flight School through torrent, then become a real aviator and pilot. So what is the essence of such a fascinating game?


You have to do an initial choice - what a plane you want to master along the way of the entire gameplay.

Choose yourself an aircraft and start a long learning mode. You can see the entire cockpit of the pilot, learn to use the devices, and then you will perform a variety of tasks that will issue you dispatcher. First you need to fly a certain number of hours to upgrade your skills as a pilot. Then switch between two aircraft to feel all adrenaline from the game. Start with a small one, and then become a professional pilot. Paris in the air and follow the missions - this is the basis of the plot.


Sev for the steering wheel of the aircraft, you must hone your skills in the air to become a high-class pilot. Then you will open a unique additional prospects in the game. You can go to the ram, make dead loops in the air, and for it you will gradually get extra glasses in the game. You can fly on different locations, anywhere in the globe. You can also try out other aircraft, but it will be possible only if you become a real professional ass. Navigation system in the pilot cockpit you should also study carefully! Cool Aviator Cab! In the game Dovetail Games Flight School, download torrent which is possible from our site, you will need to study several game modes at once, which will be discussed further in the game review.

Interesting Facts

At the very beginning of the game, you must master driving lessons that will be a little funny of a kind. You must take into account another interesting fact - you will fly with any weather phenomena. Even in a thick fog, you must lay a path in the air. But for this you need a little ambitiousness from you, and then you can, become a true professional ass and a pilot that will conquer airbursts along with its plane!

Features Dovetail Games Flight School

  • First game mode. You just choose how it was already voiced, one of two aircraft. Now you are just a novice, which should explore all the prompts and dashboard to be able to simply raise the aircraft in the air. And for this you will develop the abilities of your pilot.
  • Second game mode. This mode will allow you as a player for a while to undergo different missions to further upgrade both the plane and the pilot itself. You can develop high speed and get to the finish line for the shortest possible time. Bonuses for it will not worry.
  • Third game mode. And this is the highest level when you can show the most diverse tricks in the air on your aircraft. But for this you need to successfully pass the previous two modes of the game.
  • Bonus accrual system. For each stage of the flight you will receive bonus remuneration that you can spend on purchasing additional gadgets for your fighter.
  • Colorful landscapes. Flying over different continents, you can see real beautiful landscapes, so appreciate graphic parameters. Developers created unusual effects, so you already need to download the game Dovetail Games Flight School through torrent.

Year: 2016
Developer: Dovetail Games
Publisher: Dovetail Games
Crack: Included (HI2U)
Download Size: eleven.73 GB

*OS: Windows 7 / 8/10 (x64)
*CPU: 2.5 GHz
*Memory: 4 GB
*Video: 512 MB
* Hard disk space: 25 GB

Dovetail Games Flight School Screenshots:

Dovetail Games Flight School screenshot Dovetail Games Flight School screenshot Dovetail Games Flight School screenshot Dovetail Games Flight School screenshot

1. Mount the image, install the game
2. Copy the contents of the Crack folder in the game folder, with replacement
3. Play

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