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Drive 4 Survival

Drive 4 Survival is a battle for survival in the frozen desert, where you only need to trust yourself and your car. You are alone in the ice desert, where your biggest enemy is in the world. The original equipment must first satisfy your basic needs and look for protection against adverse weather conditions. To travel the world faster and safer, you need to repair your car. Ensure fuel and necessary items for the proper operation of the car.

But do not forget to survive your character. Take care of your car. The car is an important part of survival in the frozen desert. However, it requires repair and, above all, sufficient fuel. You must look for the last remaining fuel in the world, and sometimes it is a battle for life. However, the reward is the opportunity to enjoy a great trip and get to the places where it is difficult to get fast. The first thing I can say about the world around me. There is a huge open snow-icy world where you can move when you want. But progress is very complex. Perfect choice - car. You can repair a special SUV and replace it with your car. You can use it to explore the world around you, get to the places where you can not walk, and much more. DRIVE 4 SURVIVAL download torrent latest version you can see below.

Enemies who react not only on you, but also on other enemies. You are looking for raw materials or explore the world? You may encounter many enemies. They have their own problems and how often they fight against themselves or their main enemies. Explore the world of finding raw materials. There are many mysterious corners and rocks in the world, which can be explored, from the last residues of civilization, not yet covered with snow, to mysterious places. The main base acts as a shelter. Here you can plan new trips or rest after fight or bad weather. Build your home, or you will become a small owner. Tired of waiting on the basis. Then build your home according to your ideas and fantasies. But before that you need Drive 4 Survival download torrent on our site. Start a new house here or just a house where you can warm up for a long time. You can build sowing fields next to your home. And grow brackets in the world or just relax and try to live like a farmer.

Construction of the house, repair of cars, but, above all, survival, it is just a commodity protection. So you must cut down trees in a tree. Find my stones and assemble enough stones in your pockets. First of all, inspect the world and find the most recent useful things. Weapons, ammunition, food, clothes and much more. Make sure you have hot and fresh water. In addition to food, it is important to ensure heat, dress or hide in a warm house. Fire - the need - the fire becomes your most important friend in the human desert, even in fresh water. For better pleasure from a long car trip in a frozen world, you have a car radio connected to online radio stations with real music. Treat yourself to the project atmosphere. Excellent original mechanic. The game is visually made specifically, thanks to your mood and a variety of features, it can catch up quite quickly. Developers do not stop and continue to update content. This world is well thought out, but it is not easy to survive on the expanses. Try to go beyond the scope of living space, use resources with mind and much more.

Year: 2020
Developer: M3M
Publisher: M3m
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 0.518 GB

  • OS: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64 bits)
  • CPU: Dual Core (2 GHz)
  • Memory: 4 GB
  • Video: 1 GB, DirectX eleven
  • Space: 4 GB

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Action, Indie, Survival, RPG, 2020

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