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Welcome to dustwind postpocalyptic tactical game in real time. 25 years ago Awakening happened - a catastrophe, which was organized by eating an artificial intelligence called "Mainfraim". Robots working AI began to destroy all living on earth. But people managed to win. If this can be called victory. Before you start, the player receives 10 thousand glasses for pumping. All skills are available initially, you just need to choose which improvements.

There are simple and complex skills. Last requires more points. Do not forget about weapons that also consumes balls. You can take more equipment, but leave a character without special skills, or on the contrary worse than stock, but faster and stronger than the opponent. Dustwind download torrent from can be right now on the button below.

Few surviving trying to survive in emptiness. Here the principle "all against all" reigns - and live so cool! You wandered with my daughter at Wastewall in search of food, when raiders suddenly flew out. They tormented you, took the latter and left to die. But their brutal attacks strangely gave you strength. Despite the failures in memory and desperate lack of weapons, swear to you to save your daughter. But you must act carefully and carefully choose tactics, otherwise nothing will come! And in the process of searching, you will understand that the horse is not only your fate. Prices are much higher. The player can independently create a card card, which allows you to implement all your preferences. In multiplayer mode, the player will have to meet with other characters in real time. This makes the gameplay much more fascinating and interesting. Here you can choose a silent ninja or fighter with a rocket installation. The confrontation here is much more rigid, and rich and the transition can be very unexpected. Cartridges here quickly end, and artificial intelligence reacts quite sharp and thoughtfully.

Dusty Wind is an adventure strategy in real time in the postpocalyptic world. Waiting for difficult battles, a huge territory for research and dramatic history. Campaign for one player will unfold in 16 exciting plot missions. Gorrori waste in solitary mode, invent the way of survival, search for weapons and equipment, create a character under the favorite game of the game and become the leader of the new dark centuries. Be an unnamed heroine empty! As for the gameplay, it is based on tactical combat in DustWind. But you will learn about it only the field of how to decide dustwind download . You will fight various enemies using shelters and tactical maneuvers, you will move to protected areas, the destruction of the opponent with all possible ways, to perform complex tasks with a step of stealth and do much more. At the same time, you must die a lot and start the first. You wait a lot of exciting modes! Fight alone, participate in command battles or unite with other players against merciless II - in the apocalyptic world of dusty wind will not be boring!

Act hidden, target in certain parts of the body, use various types of weapons and ammunition, exhaust barrel, put and neutralize traps, and finish the car - just do not undermine the comrade! Seriously: Grenade not for melee! The game is focused on the tactical aspect of battles. Victory requires the development of smart plans that allow the player to overcome its competitors. In addition, it is necessary to take advantage of special skills, form of the area and the presence of various obstacles and shelters. No symbolic classes, not microtransactions. Experiment with settings of characters without unnecessary gestures. Distribute symbol glasses to set up your favorite game style. Do not worry if it turned out not very: you can always redistribute glasses or create a new symbol. And when to open new rows, you will get a new interesting weapon. And all this is available immediately after you decide dustwind download torrent latest version from Hattab.

DustWind has an impressive map editor! Come up with and tell your stories in empty or create multiplayer cards with a set of rules. Go to our creations with the dusty wind community in the workshop on the right in Steam in the game! For those who want to fight alive opponents, and not with artificial intelligence, in dusty winds there are also entertainment. In the multiplayer there is a regular and Commandable Dezmatch, capturing fuel (analog of theft of flags), cuts on the territory. In addition, there is a map editor. In it, users allow not only to create places, but also invent their rules.

Year: 2018
Developer: Dustwind Studios
Publisher: Z-Software GmbH Dustwind Studios
Crack: Included (Codex-Plaza)
Download Size: 2.02 GB

  • OS: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64 bits)
  • CPU: Intel Core i5 (2.8 GHz)
  • Memory: 4 GB
  • Video: nvidia 750
  • Space: 6 GB

Dustwind Screenshots:

Dustwind screenshot Dustwind screenshot Dustwind screenshot Dustwind screenshot Dustwind screenshot Dustwind screenshot

Action, Shooters, Survival, 2018, Strategies

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