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Easy Red 2 - a game for those who know what he wants from World War II: simulation of weapons and movements, historical accuracy in battle. , Huge maps with many detailed units, dominant military equipment and realistic approach to battle. Immediately it is worth noting the main feature - this is a realistic setting that allows you to first immerse yourself in the general atmosphere and become part of the events.

Find your way among opponents, explore the surroundings, expand your territory, extract valuable resources and do not forget to constantly develop your own skills. The army must pass a lot of tests, meet with a secret enemy, expand the territory and conquer maps in large form. Try to improve your military skills and army attributes, fill your arsenal with strong attributes and create equipment that will help you destroy more enemies. In this new version of Easy Red, we wrote everything from scratch to high-quality game and improved the work, adding a great new design, which also works on weak machines. And we will deliver you from the beaches of Anzio in Italy to the bombarded vertices of Montecassina and Japan at the midst of the battle at Quadaalein. And we are ready to add more matches in the future. In the meantime you have to have Easy Red 2 download torrent from our site.

This is what we want from Easy Red 2. We try to give the player to feel all the feelings that are experiencing soldiers in confusion and adrenaline on the battlefield. Explosions, destruction, teams and shots occur throughout the player, and the game rewards him not for the number of murders, and for its strategic skills and the ability to survive. Starting to play, you can plunge into a series of incredibly realistic and historically accurate matches. For example, during the battle of Quagealein, you can go to Japan, visit the coast of Italy and other no less interesting places. And in the future, developers plan to recreate with a dozen historical battles.

Great battles and historical places. The entire campaign takes place on large open world maps, where the real battlefields are shown, and battle plans correspond to historical events. He participated in the landing in Anzio in January 1944 and brought the front from the Italian coast on Cassino. Remember the war on the Pacific and the conquest of quadcalein on the Marshall Islands. Team game. No one can fight alone; Good tactic requires good teamwork. So be the leader of the group, doctor or radio system: you always have a job in your team. And therefore you right now need Easy Red 2 download Torprt latest version.

We mainly focused on creating subtasks that differ from the main objectives of the operation. While the main task of the team can be in capturing a certain area, based on radio requests from a tank, a subtask can be assigned to clear the path for recognized anti-tank weapons. The game was significantly improved to become more realistic and dynamic. Combat vehicles forever changed the war, and the Second World War clearly showed it. Get ready for action: Panzer 4, Sherman, M3 Lee or any other tank that has mastered the real battles. We decided to give a player full control over the crew of the car. It can control tanks and shoot from them when the seats are members of the crew with all kinds of weapons. The fight also does not end when the tank is turned off. Many tankers were able to escape from useless tanks and survive in the fights of World War II. This is what happens in Easy Red 2: If you lose a tank in battle, you probably need to return your team to place.

Explosions destroy sand bags, walls, fences, transport, defense, and the battlefield can radically change during battle. The enemy also had to constantly oppress you and your team. Learn to safely move in real battle and do not remove the helmet on your head. We needed a smooth simulation of war, so we developed our own graphic style to obtain stunning animations, templates and effects with a balance of high and stable frame frequency. This means that a lot more equipment and technology is displayed on the screen, which promotes the exciting battle.

Year: 2021
Developer: Marco Amadei
Publisher: Corvostudio Di Amadei Marco
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 2.12 GB

  • OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
  • CPU: Intel Celeron G530 / AMD Athlon II X2 250
  • Memory: 2 GB
  • Video: NVIDIA GeForce GT710 / AMD RADEON R5 240
  • Space: 3 GB

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Easy Red 2 screenshot Easy Red 2 screenshot Easy Red 2 screenshot Easy Red 2 screenshot Easy Red 2 screenshot Easy Red 2 screenshot

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