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Emily Wants To Play

A frightening and very gloomy computer toy, which was created in the Gorror Adventor Genre with elements of survival and a narrowed environment. It is worth emphasizing that in this game you will need to avoid personal contact with three revived dolls that are really too realistic and incredibly scary. And the worst thing is that your character is completely defenseless! Would like this game? So what is the problem, it can be emiily wants, then Play, download torrent, without unnecessary dealers from the same resource!

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The action begins at the later time: 11 o'clock in the morning. Before you there is a list of houses that need to be visited by visits. And here it is - the last house in the list. This domic looks abandoned: the windows are boarded, the garden is completely overgrown by the bubber, but the light burns in one of the winds. The door is open to the lap ... a strange place to deliver pizza. But our hero of wet from a torrential rain and really wants to warm up. But there was nothing to seek comfort and warm milk in this house. No need to go here. The world of the game is small corridors that are produced in real time. Some of them are empty, and some are sissed with details that barely noticeable in the muted light. And it is for this place that you will have to spend several hours. Or just a couple of minutes if they catch up.

Game process

The hero of toys is the usual food supplier, without any super supervisory. He enters a strange, abandoned house. For his message about the delivery of pizza no one will respond. Slave unknown urge, he comes into a semi-red building, where at the end of one of the rooms there will be a light from the Candle Dear. And suddenly ... the doors slam with terrible force. Attempt to open them not crowned with success. Windows are clipped. Therefore, you have to go further, hoping that the black entrance is still open. He will have to learn how to get out of this stupid terrible house.

The only thing you have is a flashlight. But he does not hold a long charge. Although the benefit, the batteries for it are scattered throughout the house in secluded places. In addition to you, three revived dolls will be brought around the house, which in size are similar to an adult man. As well as a strange girl - named Emily. Stay away from them, and if you suddenly find yourself in the same room with them - then look for the way! Otherwise it may be your last delivery of pizza. You like such "bulkings"? Then we advise Emily Wants to play, download via torrent, using our services.

Interesting Facts

There is no blood in the game, and other Kishkov. Maybe someone does not like. But the main thing here is the atmosphere of the animal fear that is held and without bloody pros! So if you are a fan of bloodless horror stories, then we advise you to download Emily Wants to Play, through the torrent, which can be done without difficulty and the wires from this page.

Features Emily Wants That Play

  • Punching, atmospheric world. The environment in the game is created too realistic and frightening. The developers thoroughly worked out that the textures in the game looked alone were well isolated and drawn.
  • Real-time generated world. Environment in the toy every time "is created" again. Therefore, it can be held an infinite number of times!
  • Gameplay games - defenseless main hero. The player will not give anything in addition to the lantern, which will help you to see a living doll in advance. But it is impossible to fight them. Just run!
  • Girl Emily. Try to find out how the little girl turned out to be in this house, and why she could not leave his limits, and also calls you to help. Notes are scattered around the house in which there are parts of this frightening story from which blood cold in the veins.

Year: 2015
Developer: Shawn Hitchcock
Publisher: SKH Apps
Crack: Included (Codex)
Download Size: 2.26 GB

" OS: Windows® 7 / Windows® 8 / Windows® 8.1 / Windows® 10
" CPU: 2+ GHz Dual Processor - Intel i5 or AMD Equivalent
" Memory: 4 GB
»Hard disk space: 5 GB
»Sound device: compatible with DirectX® 9.0s
" Video: 2GB Video Ram - Will Work on Less, But Wouldn't Look Too Good

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Emily Wants To Play screenshot Emily Wants To Play screenshot Emily Wants To Play screenshot Emily Wants To Play screenshot

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Survival, Horror, Adventure

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