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Fable 3

The long-awaited third part of the popular series of computer games, created in the genre of action-RPG with fabulous, fantasy setting, and unlimited features for the player. It is important to emphasize that on the creation of this game, like past parts, permanent developers from the studio Lionhead Studios led by Peter Mulini. Therefore, if you like this interesting series of toys, in which the player himself decided, who to be a good, evil, joker, a wizard, and so on, then we recommend familiarizing yourself with the game Fable 3, download torrent, which is possible right now and from this Site.

So let's discuss the advantages of this product.


First, picture. In fact, the player will fall into a few updated Albion. Yes, this is all the magic kingdom, where there are gnomes, elves, orcs and people, but now it is filed in another epoch - in time of the industrial revolution, when plants, factories, steam engines appear, and other mechanisms. It is important to notice that the picture in the toy has become richer, many new textures, locations appeared, the quality of drawing on top, and dynamic lighting can not but rejoice. At the same time, the game character can be worn in various costumes, and even change his combat animation. Therefore, if you wish to get acquainted with the third part of the series, then we strongly recommend downloading Fable 3, through the torrent, which can be done without difficulty and delays from the same page.


Secondly, the gameplay. And here are no more changes. If in the past parts, you played a real "fairy tale", where you needed to grow up, starting with the child and ending with the old man, then here you immediately have a "young prince". The game is dynamically moving: first the game character wakes up with the dog, lying in the bed "Royal Size", and ten minutes you are already carrying out a revolution against your brother. As before, in the game you can become anyone: a good knight, insidious villain, an increasing trader, and even bard. And you can change this role many times per game. There are several new mini-games, and in addition to the story, there is also a "career", where you follow the path from the usual Prince to the Great Monarch. Therefore, if you want to evaluate the third part of this fabulous series, then we recommend Fable 3, download through torrent, for which you can and even need to use our site.

Features Fable 3

  • Visualization. The developers worked well by creating an updated "picture" Albion. Now the medieval, the magical kingdom with elves, griffins and unicorn passed into a new era - industrial boom. Watering steam cars around, factories and factories work. It is important to emphasize that from the technical side the toy received a number of innovations.
  • Game. As before, you choose who to be your character. Want to become famous prince? Please! Want to be a joking bard? Why not. Want to become the most Grozny dictator who oppresses its own people? And it is possible. In the toy there appeared more "tactile" interaction. For example, there are missions where you need to take the hand of a secondary character and spend it around the city. And the princess can now hug.
  • Swiftness of what is happening. The toy quickly gains the pace - here our hero wakes up in bed, and in ten minutes he is already planning a revolution in the underground against his brother, an evil monarch.
  • The fairy tale has become a show. In fact, the third part ceased to be such a fabulous. There is a new world in the toy - cynical, harsh, where evil is more chances to defeat. And so as not to lose evil, even a good character will have to apply not the best methods.

Year: 2011
Developer: Lionhead Studios
Publisher: Lionhead Studios
Crack: Included (Skidrow)
Download Size: 5.69 GB

  • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • CPU: Intel Core 2 DUO 2.0 ghz
  • Video: GeForce 7600GT / Radeon HD 2600 Pro
  • Memory: 2 GB
  • Sound device: Sound device compatible with DirectX 9.0s
  • Hard disk space: 13 GB

Fable 3 Screenshots:

Install And Play.
In the _Addons folder after installation there is Unlocker from Machine4578, opening all clothes, tatthas, weapons, DLC and other things inaccessible through standard startup. Read "Instructions.TXT "before use.
In the same folder are Fable 3 FX Removal and Fov Changer for Cheatngine. Allow you to turn off unnecessary special effects and change fov

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