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Fallout 3

The third part of a semi-religious, unique series of computer games, implemented in the genre of action-RPG overlooking the third and first person in the setting of the planet destroyed by the "non-atom". It is worth emphasizing that this time the creation of a third part has taken on the developers from the Bethesda Softworks studio, which is known for creating games from the TES series. Therefore, if you want to appreciate this toy in more detail, and you do not want to read in the review, then we advise Fallout 3, download torrent that you can easily and convenient to do from our resource.

So let's find out that newly brought developers from "Bethesda"?


First, game graphics. To create a picture in a toy, a new engine is used from one of the games of the "Ancient Scrolls" series - Oblivion. Thanks to this, the traditional type of space has changed. If earlier it was an isometric look, now the developers introduced a first-person appearance and from the third. At the same time, the empty of the same type of post-nuclear apocalypse, where the world has no "stone on stone". And of course, the traditional style of Retro Deco, which uses jazz, cars of 50-60s, and much more from the long-lasting era. So if for some reason you have not played the games of this universe for some reason, or you want to get the third part to the release of the 4th, then we recommend downloading Fallout 3, through the torrent, which can afford any gamer from the same page. And now let's find out about the benefits of the gameplay.

Game process

Secondly, gameplay. The gameplay includes all the traditional classes that have had to be engaged in past parties - search "Luta", battles with mutants, performing side quests and plot missions. Nevertheless, the game world lives separately from the player: around constantly something changes, someone moves somewhere, and the toy itself successfully "simulates" his vitality. Therefore, do not be surprised that the grandmother will refuse to sell you something, just motivating the fact that it is time for her granddaughter. At the same time, the side tasks are much more interesting than the plot. And often additional quests still have to look. Therefore, if you want to check everything on your own experience in the text, then you can use our site to play Fallout 3, download torrent, without losing any second.

Features Fallout 3

  • Visualization. The toy is now based on the engine from the TES series - Unreal Engine 3rd. Appeared view from the first and third person, instead of outdated isometry. At the same time, the drawing of space and visual stylistics remained the same. Of course, together with the advantages of the engine in the game, the disadvantages - hanging and frequent departures, "lagging" animation (especially noticeable when you look at the face of characters.
  • Game process. The third part offers you almost the same content as past games series. Scene missions and side tasks, battles with mutants, nomads and well-armed gangsters, collecting interesting things, lute, etc. It is worth noting that such tasks, as "bring me sneakers and get for this award" There is practically no in the game that it cannot but rejoice.
  • Aiming and pumping system. The third part crossed the legendary pumping system for talents, and the same aiming system. True, some adjustments happened to the latter. Now you can not switch to pause mode to see where the weak points of the monster. Everyone has to do in real time, and "grab" on the fly.
  • Scenario. The game does not have a very interesting plot, and it is most likely focused on the fans of the series than for newcomers. But it can be noted that the "sins" of Bethesda, which they allow in their series "Scrolls" crossed and here - absurd dialogues, uninteresting communication with characters - all this is in the third part of Fallout.

Year: 2010
Developer: Bethesda Game Studios
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 6.14 GB

  • OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
  • CPU: 2.4 GHz Intel Pentium 4 or Equivalent Processor
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Video: Nvidia 6800 / ATI X850 or Better
  • Space: 9 GB

Fallout 3 Screenshots:

Fallout 3 screenshot Fallout 3 screenshot Fallout 3 screenshot Fallout 3 screenshot Fallout 3 screenshot Fallout 3 screenshot

Install And Play.

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