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Far Cry 1

The former adventure agent decided to move away a little from business and relax on the beautiful tropical island of one fictional state - Micronesia. He decided to try his business. Now your main character is a novice businessman who has invested money on a charter company for hiring boats and boats. But circumstances will make your main hero again take up the weapons. Now he needs to destroy dangerous criminals and terrorists who terrorize the local population.

Drugs hit the island, so your special forces must remember its former combat abilities again. In the game Far Cry 1, you can download torrent for free from our permanent game site, you can destroy enemies using your combat tactics and strategy. Weapons will be much, only they need to be correctly and skillfully use. Now let's talk a little about the plot of the game.


Jack Carver is your main game character, which in the past times proved that it is he who is a real and fair special-purpose agent. Arriving on a quiet and calm island, your hero decided to do business. A charming journalist was written to the meeting, which you need to deliver to one small island. You agreed, and now start your journey through the vast marine locations. The journalist wants to squeeze the plot of illegal trade in weapons and drugs. And now you go to the trop of war, armed with good weapons and ammunition. Calm and peaceful life on the island turn into a real nightmare. You will participate in large-scale gaming military operations. You don't take experiences, so you can destroy opponents, applying not only weapons, but also any healthy means.

Mechanics of the game

The girl immediately kidnapped as soon as you arrived on the island. Now you need to find all enemies. You miraculously managed to escape, and now everything is in your hands. Show your fighting abilities to save the journalist from the paws of opponents and disperse that it actually happens in Micronesia. Download game Far Cry 1 Through torrent you can completely free from our game server. New types of weapons, vehicles, parachutes and deltaplans - all you will see in the process of this exciting game. The main thing your weapon is a great machine and binoculars. Binoculars, by the way, will allow you to carefully consider all the dislocations of the enemy.


In the process of the game, you constantly have to take care of the health scale of your mercenary. Enemies will be very much, so try to get out of unforeseen situations. To catch the criminal, you need to study His habits - for this get bonus remuneration. On locations you can find a lot of valuable things - do not forget to break the containers - there you can find good game objects.

Features Far Cry 1

  • Rifle. With the help of a sniper rifle you can shoot your opponents from far distance. Mouse over your optical sight, click on the trigger, and all - your opponent is already killed. But use the learning regime - it will be useful for you in the game.
  • Destruction system. In the game you will see how your opponents fall after. Even enemy objects are destroyed by lightning, if you correctly apply all your unusual special forces and things.
  • Graphics. To play such a genre of graphics is very believable. You will see new locations, tropical landscapes are really impressive.
  • Allies. During the search for a journalist, you can meet new characters. But just need to be attentive, because you can betray you as a hero.

Year: 2004
Developer: Crytek
Crack: Not Required
Download Size: 2.49 GB

  • OS: Microsoft® Windows® 98SE / ME / 2000 / XP / VISTA / 7/8/10
  • CPU: AMD Athlon® 3 GHz and above
  • Memory: 1 GB
  • Video: Minimum 128 MB Video Card supporting DirectX® 9.0B and above.
  • Audio card: DirectX® Compatible 16-bit PCI Sound.
  • Hard Drive: 4.4 GB

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