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In Farm Manager 2021 (Farm Manager 2021) you will find a cultivator that should provide a high harvest that meets the needs of workers who follow health and equipment and cleaning equipment. You can buy new places and use materials for abandoned buildings to extend your farm. Thanks to the new and visual interface, employees are easier. 621 farm simulator is possible, it is not just a traditional culture, such as wheat or potatoes and several exotic plants: celery, goats, delicate and much more.

The process passes through a fixed scale and various professional methods that help cleaning. You can send a stock market to a garrison where it is well stored in the used product. Keep them in work and correction, it must create a garage of and create a logistics center to accelerate the time of transportation and increase feed. Animal clinic and many other buildings without a successful economy can not be. Farm Manager 2021 download torrent xattab latest version you can now.

Farm Manager 2021 You will find more species of plants. Including environmentally friendly and useful cultures! See celery, carrots, vineyards, labels, onions and other plants. Observe the growth of plants. You can set automatic assistance for new employees and vehicles. Of course, he is directed and cleared in this game. But the most important thing is not a thing, but the fact that you are waiting for a new game, you expect you are not. You can cultivate the garbage and vineyard, carrots, celery, onions, a large number of other vegetables and fruits, and not just. The more workers more cleaning employees. You are invited to download Farm Manager 2021 Torrent for free and check everything and check everything. You can use different machines and devices in space. Buy and sell in the stock market. You can save on the purchase of supported cars.

In the yard 2021 bees, goats, chickens, turkey, ducks, geese and cows are waiting for you. For the first time in a series of history you can also grow fish, ostrich, wild cattle and cuts. Full list You will learn after decide Farm Manager 2021 download torrent Hattab. Buy your neighbors and clean them to expand things and increase promotions and camps for animals. Here are even more types of all plants, celery and carrots, which ultimately with the spine, onions and other ends. You can see your own eyes, and new cars can install automatic irrigation for you. Logistics Center, Garage, Veterinary Center and much more! The logistics center will give you more efficient and large quantities for transportation of resources and products. Garage are fed in their agricultural machinery. Veterinary employees care about animal health.

Put the field in the spring, take care of summer bodies, assemble autumn and grow new seedlings in greenhouses in winter. Weather conditions can be dangerous. Shny and Hail can pamper themselves with a cleaning and non-targeted flash, can damage fire and buildings on the farm. Heavy rain and rains can affect the harvest, and storms can lead to a fire that damages your status. Satisfied with a good employee! Rental of permanent and seasonal workers. Keep employees with satisfactory control and overtime. Increase their qualifications through training. Remember that everyone deserves peace. Angela staff can go at any time, so they really need to take care of them. Impregnated work - a good employee! Rental of permanent and seasonal workers. Fill out employee needs, check the wage level and opening hours. Use and improve the qualifications. Remember that they deserve to earn. The requirement of employees can go at any time, try creating good conditions for them.

Year: 2021
Developer: Cleversan Software
Publisher: Playway SA SIM Farm SA
Crack: Included (Codex)
Download Size: 2.35 GB

  • OS: Windows 7 / 8/10 (x64)
  • CPU: Intel i5-8400, AMD Ryzen 5 2600 and better
  • Memory: 8 GB
  • Video: Gtx 1050 4GB or better
  • DirectX: eleven
  • Space: 6.1 GB

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Farm Manager 2021 Last Version screenshot Farm Manager 2021 Last Version screenshot Farm Manager 2021 Last Version screenshot Farm Manager 2021 Last Version screenshot Farm Manager 2021 Last Version screenshot Farm Manager 2021 Last Version screenshot

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