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Farmer Simulator 2018

Create your business wants each. What will be your own business? How can you guess, you will try to become a real magnant in the field of agricultural business. You will need to get at your disposal a small lot of the Earth, which you will process. Next, you will receive primitive cleaning equipment and different varieties of crops that will land on their plot of land. Then it will be necessary to take care of the soil processing, because after the crop grows, it must be removed.

This requires a technique, but more upgraded. You will be able to buy it after selling your first products grown. In the game Farmer Simulator 2018, download torrent The of which you can free on our game server, you will also experience competition, so sell your products as soon as possible, expand the land and buy a new technique.


You will grow a variety of agricultural crops. Calm the field with new types of crops that will bring you a good game profit. Next can be done and animal husbandry on your farm. Cattle cattle you will grow, the products of which you can sell in various markets. In the process of the game, you will also be engaged in our site and the cultivation of the Earth. After all, you need a profit in the game, and therefore the land should be fertile. Every year you will expand your farm business, you will be able to purchase modern techniques, you can master the combines and tractors themselves. In this version, you can easily cope with the tasks. In the dialog box, you can find tips. So start your business from scratch, ahead of your competitors, sell your products and follow the growth of your gaming capital. A completely new and fresh version of the game with improved graphics and a large number of modern techniques.

Mechanics of the game

After receiving a profit, you can even buy neighboring areas to expand your farm ownership as much as possible. And if suddenly the technique will break, there is an opportunity to repair its cleaning machines in the auto repair shop, which can also be bought in the game. Download Farmer Simulator 2018 Through torrent you can always be free on our game site. In this version you can sell animals, grow new cultures, buy, trade. All as in the present business. Therefore, the game itself will be long. Be patient.

Throughout the game, you must make business plans to successfully develop your farm. You will get a lot of points, you will be able to replay your competitors, and also get a lot of pleasure from the process of doing this business in this exciting and colorful game!

Features Farmer Simulator 2018

  • Zero. First you yourself will be able to process the Earth and plant cultures, and then you can hire and labor, because it's hard to cope with this business.
  • Sell ​​products. You will be able to sell your products on the market at the maximum price, and you can simply exchange agricultural crops with other farmers.
  • Forestry. Such is available only in this version of the game. Preparation Forest - this is how it will be, also quite profitable.
  • Cleaning machinery. You will be able to purchase a whole park of such machines, including only modern upgraded combines and tractors.
  • Expand possessions. You must buy as much land as possible in the game - Then your farm business will definitely go to the mountain. So handle the earth, sell the harvest and develop your agrarian empire.

Year: 2018
Developer: Ice Flames
Crack: Included (Ali213)
Download Size: 1.89 GB

  • OS: Windows 7 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10 (64-bit)
  • CPU: Intel® Core ™ i3 2.66 Ghz
  • Memory: 4 GB
  • Video: GeForce 560 GTX 2 GB
  • Sound: Sound device compatible with
    DirectX® 11
  • Space: 4.6 GB

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Farmer Simulator 2018 screenshot Farmer Simulator 2018 screenshot Farmer Simulator 2018 screenshot Farmer Simulator 2018 screenshot Farmer Simulator 2018 screenshot Farmer Simulator 2018 screenshot

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