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FIFA 2016 (FIFA 2016)

And again before you next, a new sports simulator, which is dedicated to the most popular game in the world - Football. This time, the designers presented simply amazing graphics, and players on the field look realistic. Worked out the smallest details in the game, so you need to play such a game. And download FIFA 2016 through torrent can be from our new and free game site in the category Simulators.

What awaits you in the game

At the very beginning of the game, you must choose a football club or the national team and start training mode, to successfully perform in different club championships, and then you can wipe on the world title. The choice is very huge, you can even choose the women's team, to participate in the America's Cup or just pass the career mode along with your football club. You can purchase new professional players to your team, you can even create your own football player and create your own role for him on a football field. The players technique on the field really impressive - you will see new fins, you will promote your club in the championship and become a legendary club.


Explore players on the field. In this new version, you yourself will be able to ask convenient keys for you on the keyboard. You have to play at a variety of stadiums of the world - their number in the game has increased. You can also, become a football trainer, such a mode is present in this unique simulator. On the football field, you yourself can arrange players on the field - pump all the players and then you will certainly be defeated in every match. In the game of the game, when you are highlighted with players management, you can change the level of complexity of the game any minute. Game FIFA 2016, download torrent which is possible in free mode from our new portal of games, performed just perfect, you will enjoy every match, and you will see that your footballers are capable of a lot in the game. So start your football career already right now.

Interesting Facts

It should be noted that you can also acquire a form for football players, sign contracts with other players and just become not only a football player, but also a professional manager. The game is available to such modes, so enjoy the fully all gameplay. And in training mode you can hone the skill of all your players.

FIFA 2016 Features (FIFA 2016)

  • Amplua players on the field. After you see how much you pumped out the physical characteristics of your football players, you will be able to determine their role on a football field - and then exactly the match will be completed in favor of your football club.
  • New Finds and Tricks. Now your player will be able to show even more perfect dribbling and beat several of his opponents at once - transfer pass and ball already in the grid.
  • Behavior fans. Now the audience behave like in reality. They chant, throw smoky checkers on the field, sing the hymns of their favorite teams - everything is like on a real football match.
  • Graphic improvements. The graphics are just flown, you can play any weather, even when there will be a rich snow match will not stop. As they say, the match will be held in any weather.
  • Quick game mode. If you do not want to play career mode, just choose yourself any team, your opponent and play one match. It is done very easily and just.
  • The game is saturated with visual effects, looks very bright. It's time to download the game FIFA 2016 through torrent to see all the charms of the gameplay. It's just an amazing sports simulator. Football fans He will like, beyond doubt.

Year: 2015
Developer: EA Sports
Publisher: Maxis
Crack: Denuvo protection
Download Size: 12.9 GB

  • OS: Windows / 7/8/8.1/10
  • CPU: Intel Q6600 Core2 Quad @ 2.4GHz
  • Video ATI Radeon HD 5770, NVIDIA GTX 650 or better
  • 4 gigabytes RAM memory
  • DIRECT X version 11.0 or above

FIFA 2016 (FIFA 2016) Screenshots:

Fifa 2016 screenshot Fifa 2016 screenshot Fifa 2016 screenshot Fifa 2016 screenshot Fifa 2016 screenshot Fifa 2016 screenshot

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